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Year 6 - miss hunter

Welcome to the Year 6 page. I know that things are very strange at the moment and you're all probably still trying to find a routine, but as you get settled into this new way of learning there will be lots of ideas and activities on this page to help you. In addition to all of the activities on this page, you could also be using your time to do things that you don't usually get to do, such as baking, gardening, painting or learning to sew. The possibilities are endless. 

We will be posting work and lesson ideas here, as well as still using the Seesaw app so remember to check that out too! If you complete any work, remember to submit it in the correct folders on Seesaw so we can give you feedback on it. 


Every week, White Rose maths are uploaded lessons for you to complete. The first set are all about using ratio and the language to use when working with ratio. The activity sheets are like the ones we use in our maths lessons; they start nice and easy and then get a little trickier. If you can't print them out, take a screen shot on your tablet and annotate over the top of them - again, you can upload them to Seesaw. There is a folder called Learning at home tasks.

We have also made some activity sheets which are linked below, which will help you with some of the concepts that we have already gone over. They have tips and activities for you to complete. We will add more as the weeks go on. You can revisit any of the activities as many times as you need to. They will help you with all areas of maths when we do go back to school.


The timetable suggested a daily writing activity using Pobble365. Below is an example of the activities and how to write an example. 

Seems as you all worked so hard in the build up to SATs (yes, you can cheer that they're cancelled), I'm sure you're all missing the grammar work we have been doing. If you click on the links below, there are grammar tasks and writing tasks to choose from. They don't have to be super speedy tasks: You can take your time, enjoy writing without as many rules, and create a wonderful piece of writing to share with the rest of the class. Good grammar is essential in life, not just SATs. 

Apps and Games to play

Below is a reminder of all of the websites you have access to. These are the best ways to stay on top of basic skills such as reading, spelling, times tables and mental calculations. We recommend using each one every day.

Yoga and mindfulness 

You all loved taking part in the cosmic kids Yoga during Health Week last year. As this is a time where things are very different, you need to look after yourselves. I would recommend doing one of the yoga sessions each week. It will keep you fit and keep your mind healthy!

Create a Rainbow

Many of you will have seen rainbows appearing in windows near where you live, but did you know why?  The rainbows are being made by children to connect with each other during our isolations.  They are also to show support for the thousands of people who are working hard to keep us safe and those who are keeping the country going.  These include the amazing NHS, shop workers, carers and all the people who are keeping isolated and following the rules of social distancing to keep us safe.  Why don't you have a go at painting, colouring and making a collage rainbow and display it.  When you are out for a daily walk, see how many you can spot.  On one of my walks I spotted 5 and they really cheered me up.  Take a look at the Newsround website, to see what other children have done.


Websites For You To Try

As well as completing the work we have set you, there are lots of fantastic websites you could visit to learn lots of new things.  Many of the websites have activities to complete on line or you could use the information you learn to complete your own project.  You could design and make your own information book, poster, leaflet, PowerPoint (if you have access to it), artwork etc.

Natural History Museum   This website is from the National History Museum in London and there are a range of activities for you to complete.  You can learn about lots of information about living things and dinosaurs.

Get Body Smart   This website allows you explore the body and what the different parts of our body do.  You could draw and label a skeleton or the parts of the heart.

Science Museum   This website, from the Science Museum in London, allows you learn about things connected to science.  There are virtual tours you can take, ideas for experiments for you to do and videos to watch.

STEM      This website has lots of STEM activities for you to do.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  

Road Safety       A website with activities about being safe when using the roads.

Poetry Zone   This website has ideas for writing your own poems, as well as poems to read and listen to.

Book Trust    This website has lots of ideas ad activities linked to reading.  It may inspire you to write your own story.

DK Find Out   This website has videos, quizzes and facts about space, history and science.  Take a look you are bound to learn something new.  


Things You Should Be Able To Do You  Before You Begin Secondary School

How many of these things can you do?  Which can't you do?  How many can you learn?

1) Tie your own shoelaces

2) Read the time on an analogue clock and on a digital clock

3) Know the number of days in each month

4) Know the names of all the continents and the major world oceans.

5) Know the counties which make up the UK and their capital cities.