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with Mrs Dolan and Miss Charlton

Welcome boys and girls to our new Y2 virtual classroom!

We hope everyone is well and keeping themselves healthy and of course busy. Over the next few weeks, whilst we are not at school, we will be uploading lots of different home learning jobs for you to complete with your parents and carers. We will include a variety of subjects so that you don't too get bored!


One of the things teacher's love to do is read to their class.  So that we don't miss out on that quality time together we will be reading a story each day for bedtime or anytime you feel like listening!

Please click the picture below to hear our first virtual story.  


Please click the picture below to hear another fantastic story.

Useful Sites

Below are links to key websites that we use in school to support our learning. Children should have the log in information they need, however if you do not then please email the school office at and we will get these to you as soon as possible.

Sites that require a log in:

Bug Club TT Rockstars Sum Dog

Sites that are free to use:

Phonics Play

Phonics play is usually a subscription site, but is currently free to use. It is a site packed with phonics games and resources you can use at home. The children know most of the games and love playing them in school.

Letters and Sounds

If you would like printable resources to support with phonics and reading this site has free resources to download.

Top Marks Maths Games

Top Marks Maths has lots of free maths games that are a great way to practice their maths skills and even to learn some skills that they might not be as confident with.The children in Y2 use this site regularly in their lessons, particularly when practising their times tables and number bonds on “Hit The Button”.

ICT Games 

ICT Games has a variety of Maths and English games to access completely free in a fun and interactive way.  Give them a go, you won't be disappointed!

Let's Get Physical!

We also recommend that children (and adults) get as much physical exercise as possible each day.

PE with Joe

Mrs Dolan has loved doing PE sessions with her children led by the Body Coach - Joe Wicks. Why don't you try!


Jump Start Jonny

Jump Start Jonny is also another site we use regularly in school. There is lots of free content on the site at the moment ranging from high energy work outs to chilled mindfulness sessions.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Cosmic kids yoga is a fantastic way to stretch and unwind at the end of each day. Jamie the instructor tells you a story whilst you act this out through different yoga poses. The children love this and it is a firm favourite across school during our annual Health Week.

Online Dance Class

Strictly Come Dancing's Oti Mabuse is streaming children's dance classes to her Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts at 11:30am every day until at least 30th March.

The classes are saved onto her YouTube page after the livestream has finished, so children can enjoy them even if you aren’t available at the exact start time.


Suggested home learning jobs

  • WC 6.4.20


Ongoing tasks

By the end of Y2 the children need to be able read and spell the Year 2 Common Exception Words. A copy of these can be found below.

Spelling Shed is a website that can turn learning spellings into a game.  They are offering a free ongoing trial while the school closures are in place.  Please click here to access the site.

Suggested Weekly Activity

As you will remember one of the last activities we did at school as a whole class was visit Beamish.  We didn't get the chance to share the pictures together so I have added them here for you to look at.  A suggested activity this week is to look through the photos and talk to a grown up about our day.  You could then write a recount of our visit. 

Remember to start your recount by writing a short introduction answering the questions, when did we go? who went? why did we visit?

Then write about each part of our day using sentence starters such as First, After that, Next, Finally.  A recount must be tell me about your day in the order that they happened so think carefully about what we did and when!  An example text can be found here 

Bonus Points: If you can include an conjunctions in your sentences such as; and, but, because, so that would be amazing.  If you need to remind yourself about the conjunctions we have looked at click here!

  • WC 30.3.20


Whilst still at school the children were learning all about fractions of numbers and shape. We focused mainly on finding halves (1/2) and quarters (1/4) . Some suggested activities for this week is to investigate the fraction (1/3) and to understand that one half (1/2) is the same as two quarters (2/4). 

Remember a fraction has to have equal parts!

The link to the activities are below. For each session there is a recap of previous learning called the Flashback 4. There is also a video to introduce the new learning and an activity. Enjoy!

 Maths WC 30.3.20


In the last few weeks in our topic lesson we were practising making comics using the app Comic Life on our Ipads. We learnt how to change the background and add text and pictures, as well as the importance of using speech and thought bubbles in a comic. Feel free to keep practising this, as we would love to see what stories you come up with and how your technique has improved over these weeks. You could bring them in to show us when we come back to school! You can either download the comic life app if you have an Ipad, or there are similar online websites you could use such as Make Beliefs Comix.

In the next few weeks we would have been learning about the Easter story, including what the story tells us about Jesus, and how Christians celebrate Easter. Why not check out this video of the Easter story to find out about what happened. Or, you could read this story to find out a few more details (you might need an adult to read it to you). I have also included a glossary to help you understand what some of the words mean.

 The Easter Story Glossary 

 Questions to think about:

  • Do you think the Easter story is a happy story?
  • How do you think Christians celebrate Easter?
  • Do you celebrate Easter? How?

 Activity ideas:

  • Make a comic strip about the Easter story.
  • Write a letter to the Roman Governer telling him Jesus has risen.
  • Write a newspaper report for the day Jesus was crucified.
  • Make an Easter card for someone you love.
  • Make some chocolate Easter nests with an adult - find a recipe here.
  • Learn more about why and how Christians celebrate Easter with BBC Bitesize and Cbeebies.
  • Complete some fun printable activities such as a word search, jigsaw or colouring pages.

 Printable Easter activities

 Just For Fun!


Have you made a rainbow yet?  Lots of boys and girls have made a rainbow to display in their window.  This means when you go for your daily walk or exercise you can see how many rainbows you can spot!  

If you have already drawn one have you ever grown one?  Click here to find out how to 'Grow a Rainbow'