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Grangetown Primary

Year 2 - Miss Farrell

Welcome to Year 2HF!

We have 16 lovely children in our class. On our webpage you can follow the learning journey of our fantastic pupils. Here you can also find general reminders and photographs of all the exciting things we have been getting up to!



  • Monster Phonics reading books and sharing books are changed every Monday
  • These books should be brought into school everyday
  • Children are expected to read at least three time per week with an adult at home
  • Books will only be changed if the home school diary has been signed three times
  • If you would like to know more about Monster Phonics click here.


  • PE is on a Friday and the children can wear their school PE kit all day 
  • No jewellery to be worn

Fruity Fantasy:

  • Fruity Fantasy is a healthy tuck shop that takes place on a Friday play time
  • If they wish, children can bring in a small amount of money to buy a snack


We have had a really busy start to 2023! Year 2 have been learning how to add and subtract using sticks and bricks to help us, we have all had a lot of fun and can now add and subtract two digit numbers! We have also been learning about the artist Henri Matisse. We began by learning how we can mix primary colours together to make secondary colours, we even had a go ourselves! We then used this knowledge to help create art work for our sketchbooks and displays around school! This month we have also had some visitors from Sunderland University who performed a fantastic dance piece for us, we then played games that helped us learn about how we can recycle. In class, we then learnt about how to keep safe on the internet and played a game to help us. Finally, we have began our science experiment testing the importance of washing our hands. We are so excited to see the results and will show you our results in next months update!


We have had a great month! We have learnt how to find different pages in non-fiction books by using the contents page and we have learnt a lot about the properties of different shapes. We then began our topic of Amelia Earhart, we really enjoyed using our iPads and books to research who Amelia was and why she was so influential to women in particular. To reward us for all of our hard work we celebrated Valentine’s Day by having a spectacular disco which we all really enjoyed! We then continued on our learning journey in geography, learning about the seven continents and we finished off the month by learning about how to make our own digital art in the ICT suite! Finally, we have seen lots of changes in our bread from last month, some have turned lots of different colours due to the mould, and some of our bread didn’t change at all, we must have clean hands!


We have had so much fun this month! We started by decorating our t-shirts for world book day, we were very creative and produced some gorgeous designs. Year 6 then came to our classroom and we read stories together! In computing we have been learning how to create our own digital art which we have became really good at! Next we had a visitor come in to teach us some fun playground games which we all thoroughly enjoyed. Throughout this month we have been reading a story called Wolfboy, we have really enjoyed this story and have even re-wrote it by ourselves, we also created a front cover for the story which really impressed our teacher! In RE we have been learning about the Christian celebration of Easter and how it relates to new life, to help us recognise signs of new life we headed outside to take photos of any new life we could find. Next, because we were so good during Ofsted, our teachers took us to Fuzzy Ed’s soft play as a treat, we had lots of fun climbing and going down the slides. We also had world maths day this month! To celebrate we brought in our favourite maths inspired board games to play with our friends. During all of this fun we still had to do lots of work, in maths we have been learning all about fractions and what they represent.


With two weeks off for the end of spring term we have managed to cram in a lot! Year 2 have been very busy this month planting sunflowers and cress. We have spent the month watering our sunflowers and watching them grow, we are very excited to take them home at the end of the half term! We have also been to a mini athletics festival, where we joined in playing games with other schools! In Year 2 we have a weekly circle time session where we can talk about anything we would like to share with the class, with summer approaching and the weather getting nicer, we have had lots of exciting stories to tell about what we have been getting up to with our mams and dads.