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Intent, Implementation, Impact


At GPS, we equip pupils with a high-quality science education, through the disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics, to provide the foundations for understanding the world. The children will be taught aspects of knowledge, methods, processes and uses of science. Science should inspire the children’s curiosity about natural phenomena and spark curious minds which develop a life long love of learning.  Our curriculum equips the children to understand how science can be used to explain what is occurring, predict how things will behave, and analyse causes.


At Grangetown we have an enquiry based approach which allows children to be active learners. We ensure the curriculum is relevant, purposeful and matched to the learners’ needs and abilities.  For each year group (Years 1-6), we have identified the knowledge and skills we want the children to have, based on the National Curriculum. Content has been arranged in a carefully sequenced way, to ensure that what is taught builds upon prior learning.

Teachers have the autonomy to decide when, within the academic year, they teach an area of science and how to make effective links with other subject areas.  Teachers use the long term planning document for science and use the objectives from it to plan exciting, interesting and engaging topics and lessons. 

We also extend the children’s understanding of a curriculum area through well-planned visits and visitors to school as well as theme days.

Science work is recorded in the children’s curriculum books, but links can be found in English books, sketch books and in ICT.


Through exciting, interesting and engaging lessons, our children develop an interest in science and enjoy sharing their knowledge both in class and often as a home based project.  The children develop a sense of awe and wonder and are keen to question the world they live in. They enjoy and understand the links made with other subjects.

At school we measure the impact of science through the children’s ability to demonstrate their skills; through talking to the children about their science work and topics; observations of lessons and monitoring of exercise books by the science subject leader.  

Our Science Policy

Our Science policy is here

Long Term Planning

For a 1 page overview of what we teach in Science, across years 1-6, click here.

Our Long Term Planning for Science, yeargroup by yeargroup, is here.

Medium Term Planning

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Science in Action!

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