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Grangetown Primary School

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Reception - miss beetham

Welcome to virtual school with Miss Beetham.

On this page, you will find daily activities for Reception children. We hope that children can make new memories with their families, stay safe, healthy and PLAY!

Some important notices: 

  • Post photos, videos and messages on Tapestry so we can see how you are doing
  • See our suggested timetable for Reception here
  • Our upload routine can be found here
  • Spend time in your back garden exploring nature, cooking with your adult and helping with tidying up
  • Everyday we will be posting a new story for you to listen to below 
  • Spend time learning how to put your coat on, zip it up, unzip it, take it off then hang it up
  • Show your grown-ups how you can use a knife and fork when you eat
  • For useful websites, click here

Story time - Friday 3rd April 

Watch until the end to see a few photographs from when we went to the moon! 



Phonics Friday - 3.4.20

Follow the video at home. For extra practise, access bug club using your username and password.


Story time - Thursday 2nd April 

Today's story is 'We are going on a bear hunt'. I was going to read this story myself but as we are all wishing Michael Rosen a speedy recovery, I thought who better than the expert himself to read this story to us today. Enjoy! 

Finger and Thumb Thursday - 2.4.20

Many children across the country have been making rainbows as a sign of hope during this tricky time. Today, we are going to use our fingers and thumb to make our own rainbow during this fun experiment. Top tips; make sure you use your froggy fingers when holding the pens and don't press too hard because the paper towel will rip. When you complete the experiment, take lots of pictures and videos and send them to me on Tapestry. Adults can record down what you say so I can find out what super observations you make. Challenge 1: Can you sing the rainbow song? Challenge 2: Can you find any other absorbent materials in your home? 


Story time - Wednesday 1st April

Another class favourite - The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Can you count all of the food he eats? Which one did he eat the most of? Monday - Saturday, the caterpillar eats how many more each day?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Carle, Eric: Books 

Writing Wednesday - m 1.4.20

This week, can you practise writing the letter 'm'? Miss Beetham shows some ideas of ways to practise forming it. Can you do any at home? P.S if you use melted chocolate make sure you wash your hands first so that you can eat it after!


Story time - Tuesday 31st March

This is Miss Cassidy's favourite story. What is your favourite story? 

Talk Tuesday - 31.3.20

For 'Talk Tuesday', there will be a new photograph uploaded with many questions to ask the children. Write down their answers and send them on tapestry. Talk Tuesday - 31.3.20

Story time - Monday 30th March

What sounds do these animals make? Can you hear any animals in your garden? Can you make your own sound book? 

Maths Monday - 30.3.20

3D Shapes. Can you talk about these shapes? What can you see? Do any shapes look like anything familiar? Do any shapes look similar to each other? Why? What looks different? 

Do you know the names of the shapes?

Can you look around your house or garden to see what 3D shapes you can find?

We would love to see what you find. Please send us some pictures on tapestry. 

Story time - Friday 27th March 

Can you retell the story?


Phonics Friday - 27.3.20

For 'Phonics Friday', children can practise recognising the graphemes (letters) and saying the phonemes (sounds) that match the graphemes. Can they remember the actions to match each grapheme? Then, they can recap some of their phonic knowledge by playing 'buried treasure' on phonics play (use the username march20 and password home to sign in). For a challenge, can they write a word and then write it in a sentence? Send pictures on tapestry.

Story time - Thursday 26th March

A tiger can visit your tea party if you type in google 'tiger' and click 'view in 3D'. 


Finger and Thumb Thursday - Bird feeder 26.3.20


Writing Wednesday - n 25.3.20


Story time Wednesday 25th March

This story is Miss Beetham’s favourite! Which story is your favourite? Can you read it tonight for bedtime?


Storytime Tuesday 24th March

Here is one of our favourite stories in Reception. Join in with the words at home! What story are you reading at home today? 


I like to move it, move it!

Every morning at 9am, Joe Wicks is uploading a live PE video for you to follow along with at home. This morning Miss Beetham joined in at home too. It’s a great way to stay active.