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Reception - Miss Cassidy

Welcome to virtual school with Miss Cassidy

On this page, you will find daily activities for Reception children. We hope that children can make new memories with their families, stay safe, healthy and PLAY!

Some important notices: 

  • Post photos, videos and messages on Tapestry so we can see how you are doing
  • See our suggested timetable for Reception here
  • We will post two stories per week and new tasks on a Monday for the week 
  • Spend time in your back garden exploring nature, cooking with your adult and helping with tidying up
  • Spend time learning how to put your coat on, zip it up, unzip it, take it off then hang it up
  • Show your grown-ups how you can use a knife and fork when you eat
  • For useful websites, click here


Week 3 - Story

This week in your learning packs, you will find some ladybird doubling and a ladybird fact file. You could even create your own ladybird by following the instructions attached (part 1 and part 2). In the spirit of all things ladybird, watch Julia Donaldson perform her story 'What the Ladybird Heard'. Enjoy! 


Week 3 - Minibeast Hunt

This week we are going to go on a minibeast hunt and look at their habitats. Use the internet with your grown up to find out what 'habitat' means. Once you know what you are looking for, fill in the minibeast hunt sheet. Send your minibeast hunt photographs on tapestry. 


Week 2 - Story Two


Week 2 - Create a Minibeast

This week we are looking closely at minibeasts. Can you create your own minibeasts using natural objects from your garden? Choose the minibeast you would like to create and think about what it looks like. How many legs does it have? Does it have wings? Then you can think about what natural objects you could use for these features. Please send me photographs of your natural minibeasts on tapestry. I can’t wait to see them!


Week 2 - Story One

Can you join in with the Superworm chant? Where would you find a worm in your garden? Do you know any nursery rhymes about worms? 


VE Day

Today is VE Day (Victory in Europe Day). Can you create your own Union Jack flag to help us celebrate. You could make the flag using red, white and blue play dough, you could use paint or coloured pencils, etc. You could even create your own bunting or paper chains and hang those in you window for everyone to see! Please send us photographs of your lovely creations on tapestry or to the class email address. 


Week 1 - Wonder Wednesday

Two ospreys have migrated to Cumbria to lay their eggs in a nest. You can watch their nest live on the osprey cam. For Wonder Wednesday, I want you to think about any questions you may have after viewing the live cam. Examples could be; What does migrate mean? What is an osprey? How big is an osprey? Where do ospreys live? Why have they travelled to Cumbria? How long did it take to get here? Once you have thought of some questions, with the support from your grown-ups, research your questions on the internet. Send me what you find on Tapestry. You could even make a poster about what you discover.


Week 1 - Story Two 


Week 1 - Story One


Week 1 - 4.5.20

This week in your learning packs you have a number formation booklet. I have uploaded the rhymes and formations here to help you. Can you remember them?

I have uploaded a game of Minibeasts I Spy. Can you help me count out the different minibeasts and write the number? Which minibeast did you find the most of? Which minibeast did you find the least of?

Can you write what you can see? I can see three snails. What can you see? Can you write the names of the minibeasts? Use your phonics knowledge to help sound out and spell the words. In the recourse packs you have a sound mat which will help you with the letters.

Can you write your name? You can use the laminated names in your packs and use the whiteboard pen to write over, rub out and go again. Then try writing your name independently.

Please send me your photos on tapestry or to the class email address.


Talk Tuesday - 28.4.20

For this week's 'Talk Tuesday', we have uploaded a new image with many questions to ask your child. You can write down their answers and send them on tapestry. Talk Tuesday - 28.4.20


Maths Monday - 27.4.20

Can you complete the repeated patterns from the video? Can you create your own pattern? You could draw shapes using different colours. You could use sticks and leaves from your garden. Please send your patterns on tapestry. 

You can watch the Banana Banana Meatball song on YouTube here


Talk Tuesday - 21.4.20

For 'Talk Tuesday', there will be a new photograph uploaded with many questions to ask the children. You can write down their answers and send them on tapestry. Talk Tuesday - 21.4.20


Maths Monday - 20.4.20

Can you count the different shapes in these pictures? Can you create your own pictures using different shapes? You might want to draw the shapes or find shapes around your house. 

You can listen to the shape song on YouTube here

You can join in to draw shapes using your body on YouTube here.  


Chocolate Cornflake Easter Nests - 8.4.20

Today I made some Easter Nests using some chocolate, crunchy nut cornflakes and mini eggs. I washed my hands and followed the instructions. Remember to wash your hands too if you want to make your own Easter Nests. Send me your photos on tapestry. 



Easter Activities

Next week is Easter, I have found some lovely activities for you all to try at home. Please keep me updated with what you are up to by uploading your photographs on tapestry. 

1) A paper plate Easter wreath, click here

2) Easter egg potato stamping, click here

3) Toilet paper roll Easter basket, click here 

4) Marbled Easter eggs, click here

5) Paper ball bunny, click here. You could follow the same instructions to make a chick but use yellow paper and add a beak.


Phonics Friday - 3.4.20

For phonics today, can children practise reading the grapheme flashcards and say the matching phoneme. Then children to play 'tricky word trucks' on phonics play. Choose phase 2 and read the words on the trucks as they appear. Play again to beat your time! Next, play 'pick a picture' on phonics play choosing phase 2. Children to segment the word, blend together and choose the picture that matches the word. As a challenge, can children write some simple words and choose one word to write in a sentence. Please send your work on tapestry. 



Finger and Thumb Thursday - Rainbow 2.4.20

Today we are going to use our fingers and thumb to make our own rainbow using paints. We will need the seven colours of the rainbow. Can you remember what they are? Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink. Send me photographs of your lovely rainbows on tapestry. 


Story time - Wednesday 1st April

Another class favourite - The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Can you count all of the food he eats? Which one did he eat the most of? Monday - Saturday, the caterpillar eats how many more each day?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Carle, Eric: Books


Writing Wednesday - m 1.4.20

This week, can you practise writing the letter 'm'? Miss Beetham shows some ideas of ways to practise forming it. Can you do any at home? P.S if you use melted chocolate make sure you wash your hands first so that you can eat it after!



Story time - Tuesday 31st March

This is Miss Cassidy's favourite story. What is your favourite story? 


Talk Tuesday - 31.3.20

For 'Talk Tuesday', there will be a new photograph uploaded with many questions to ask the children. Write down their answers and send them on tapestry. Talk Tuesday - 31.3.20


Story time - Monday 30th March

What sounds do these animals make? Can you hear any animals in your garden? Can you make your own sound book? 


Maths Monday - 30.3.20

3D Shapes. Can you talk about these shapes? What can you see? Do any shapes look like anything familiar? Do any shapes look similar to each other? Why? What looks different? 

Do you know the names of the shapes?

Can you look around your house or garden to see what 3D shapes you can find?

We would love to see what you find. Please send us some pictures on tapestry. 


Story time - Friday 27th March 

Can you retell the story?


Phonics Friday - 27.3.20

For 'Phonics Friday', children can practise recognising the graphemes (letters) and saying the phonemes (sounds) that match the graphemes. Can they remember the actions to match each grapheme? Then, they can recap some of their phonic knowledge by playing 'buried treasure' on phonics play (use the username march20 and password home to sign in). For a challenge, can they write a word and then write it in a sentence? Send pictures on tapestry.


Story time - Thursday 26th March

A tiger can visit your tea party if you type in google 'tiger' and click 'view in 3D'. 


Finger and Thumb Thursday - Bird feeder 26.3.20

For 'Finger and Thumb Thursday', children can practise their fine motor skills by creating a bird feeder. 


Writing Wednesday - n 25.3.20

 This week, can you practise writing the letter 'n'? 

Story time Wednesday 25th March

This story is Miss Beetham’s favourite! Which story is your favourite? Can you read it tonight for bedtime?


Story time Tuesday 24th March

Here is one of our favourite stories in Reception. Join in with the words at home! What story are you reading at home today? 


I like to move it, move it!

Every morning at 9am, Joe Wicks is uploading a live PE video for you to follow along with at home. It’s a great way to stay active.