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Physical Education

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At Grangetown Primary School, we aim to provide many sporting opportunities to ensure that all children can thrive in PE. We intend to encourage long-life participation by exposing children to high quality PE lessons, extra-curricular clubs and a range of enrichment experiences. We will create environments in which children can develop positive relationships with sport and exercise.


This will be achieved by:

  • High quality weekly PE lessons with appropriate equipment
  • Offering a differentiated curriculum that challenges and supports all children
  • Raising children’s expectations of themselves
  • Building on children’s previous learning to ensure lessons are progressive
  • Promoting club links to encourage physical activity out of school
  • Offering a variety of sports and activities
  • Providing children with a range of extra-curricular clubs
  • Increasing the level of opportunities to be physically active across the school day
  • Giving children opportunities to practise new skills and apply them in different settings


Our PE curriculum will equip children with the vital knowledge, skills and attitudes towards PE and sport that are necessary to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Children will develop a love of PE and will enjoy participating. Children will experience a range of sports and activities, helping all children find a sport that they can flourish in. They will develop resilience and confidence and a variety of social skills that they can apply to all areas of their lives.

Policy for Physical Education

Our PE Policy is here.

Long term Planning for PE

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Medium Term Planning for PE

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Our Awards for PE & Sport


Health Week 2021

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Sports Premium

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