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Home learning pack

Week 3 - Bear Hunt and Picnic

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Welcome to the third week of our third pack of our Home Learning packs, please find the links and activities from your packs below and extra ideas and activities too. We can't wait to see what have been doing this week. Please keep in touch via Tapestry or email 


This week, please find our core story of the week - Bear Hunt and there are a further extra 4 stories further down the page too. Hope you have a fantastic week!


Mrs Mitchell reads We're Going on a Bear Hunt

  • Can you join in with the repeated language that is in this story, e.g. can’t go over, can’t go under it… and say each of the sounds together as they go through different weather and landscapes, e.g. swishy swashy.
  • Would you like to go on a bear hunt? Were they scared on their bear hunt?
  • Which different places did they travel through? Where was the bear?
  • What does the bear look like? How did they travel through the cave?
  • What did they do when they finally found the bear?


Bear Hunt Photo Story

This video powerpoint will support you to retell the bear hunt story. This goes up to the part of the cave, but with photos to support understanding and retelling of the story.  What happened after the cave when they found the bear?


Bear Hunt Sensory Story

There's some examples of different ways of uses your senses to retell the Bear Hunt story. Why not have a go at making some sensory plates, bags, floors or bottles linked to the different environments and landscapes in the story (depending on how messy you want to be). You can then use these when telling the story and the children can join in with choosing the correct sensory item at the correct point in the story. This will support retelling, messy and sensory play and it will encourage mark making and observing and asking questions about the world around them too. You could use real items to represent, or crafty and less messy items to represent these. One last example below.


Bear Hunt Landscape pictures

Have a go at making a picture with all of the different places they travelled through. This will also support retelling of the story, especially if you put the environments in the correct order on your picture. See examples below.

Bear Hunt Binoculars

If you’re going on a bear hunt this week, you’ll need some binoculars for bear spotting! Why not have a go at using some empty toilet rolls. Fasten together with some sellotape and away you go.


Bear Facts

Watch this powerpoint video with a grown up to learn lots of different facts about bears.

  • What do they eat? How many different kinds of bears are in the video?


Mrs Mitchell reads Where's Bear


Where is bear?

After watching Mrs Mitchell reading Where's Bear, why not play a game with one of your bears or cuddly toys. Play with a grown up to find the bear. Hide bear inside or outside and try to find him.

  • Grown ups emphasise the positional language of where bear is end encourage and model this with your child, e.g. bear is ‘under’, ‘on top’, he’s gone ‘through’, ‘in between’. Challenge word: ‘above’.


10 Teddy Bears Counting Story

Watch this powerpoint video and join in with this counting story of bears, upto 10 with a grown up.



Kim's Game

Playing this game is a really good way of developing your child´s memory skills and concentration – both skills useful for all learning. These skills are so important before children learn to read too.

Put 10 things from around the house on a tray - it could be things like a pencil, an orange, some cotton wool, a toy etc.. Ask your child to look carefully at them for about thirty seconds. Then take the tray away and ask them to call out what they remember. Or, you could link it to the teddy bear's picnic too by having picnic items

Another way of playing the game is to cover the things, take one thing away and ask the child to spot what is missing. You can put more things on the tray as they get better.



Teddy Bear Sharing Game

Click here, or the image above to access this game. Share the correct sized food with the teddy bears for their picnic, between either 2 or 3 bears.


Teddy Bear Outfit Game

How many different outfits can you put onto Bobby Bear?

Click here, or the image above to play the game.


Extra Bear Stories


Mrs Mitchell reads The Teddy Bears' Picnic


Mrs Mitchell reads Kiss Good Night, Sam


Mrs Mitchell reads Elmer and the Lost Teddy



Teddy Bears' Picnic Song

Join in with this song about the teddy bears picnic

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Rhyme

Follow Dave and Ava's instructions and join in with this rhyme