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Home learning Pack 3 

Week 2 - Goldilocks and the 3 bears

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Welcome to the second week of our third pack of our Home Learning packs, please find the links and activities from your packs below and extra ideas and activities too. We can't wait to see what have been doing this week. Please keep in touch via Tapestry or email 


This week, please find our core story of the week - Goldilocks and the 3 Bears and there are a further extra 4 stories further down the page too. Hope you have a fantastic week!


Mrs Mitchell reads Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

  • Do you know this story? Can you join in with parts that you know or remember?
  • Where is this story set?
  • Who comes to the 3 bears house? Why have the 3 bears left their house?
  • What does Goldilocks do? What happens when the bears come back?


Story Sequencing

As pictured above, in you pack, there is some pictures from the story. Can you cut these out and sequence the pictures in the correct order? Talk together about what happens in the story, using the pictures to help. These pictures will also help you to sing this week’s song, linked to Goldilocks.


Scene and puppet Making

Using the sheet provided in your pack, cut out the characters, or get an adult to help you cut out the scene and the characters. Colour them in and then stick them all onto a cereal box and cut them all out again. You could stick a rectangle cut out of the cereal box, or use lolly sticks to create your own puppets. You could draw some other props, such as the bears beds too. Now, you can make and retell your own story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears.


Porridge Making, tasting and instructions

With a grown up, if you have some porridge, ready brek or Weetabix in the house, can you make porridge for breakfast or for a snack? How do you make a bowl of porridge? What do you like in or on top of your porridge? What do the bears like in their porridge? Try different flavours that can go on top – which do you like the best? Tell someone who didn’t make the porridge with you if you enjoyed it, how you made it and what toppings you had on it. Or, there's a 3 ingredient flapjack recipe you could try making as well.


Tasting Ingredients

Even if you are not making and tasting porridge, try some different toppings that the bears may have put into their porridge. You could try jam, syrup, chocolate, lemon, sugar. Which flavours do you like the best? Do you notice a difference in the flavours?


Porridge toppings

What toppings would the bears like on top of their porridge? Get an adult to help, or you can try cutting out the bowls. Or, draw your own toppings on the bowls of porridge. Order the bowls and you could stick them on another piece of paper too.


Mrs Mitchell reads Taller and Shorter

More stories below, but this book is all about the heights of the animals - who is the tallest and who is the shortest of all of the animals? Who is the tallest and shortest of the 3 bears? Who is the tallest in your house?


Cuddly Toy size hunt and ordering

 Linked to the sizes of the 3 bears, can you find different sized items in your house? Start by finding 3 different sized teddy bears or cuddly toys in your house. Then, with help from a grown up, can you find 3 different sizes of items for the bears to eat, use or play with? For example, 3 different sizes of spoons, bowls, toys etc. Or, you could find different sized items of clothing, such as t-shirts or socks. Please take some photos to put on Tapestry.


Mrs Mitchell reads Beware of the Bears

This story starts just after Goldilocks has left the 3 bears house.

  • What will the 3 bears decide to do?
  • Whose house do they visit?
  • What does Goldilocks say to the 3 bears?


Mrs Mitchell reads The Cave

  • Who is inside the cave? Why does fox want them to come out?
  • Is the creature inside really that small?
  • What does fox think when the creature does finally come out of the cave?
  • What made the bear come out of the cave?


Mrs Mitchell reads Bedtime Bear

Ooh, I know my two boys would be lost without their favourite toys and bears. Who do you take to bed with you?



3 Bears Size Matching





Click the bear and then drag the line to the matching object size.

Click here or the image above to play the game.


Compare and Order game

Scroll down this webpage and there is a game called Compare and Order. Lecky tells you which sized item he wants you to pick. There's lots of size vocabulary - long, short, tall, big, small, wide. Then, you need to arrange the items in size order.

Click here to play the game or click the image.


Opposites website and app

With a grown up, read and look at the word and picture, then find the opposite of this out of the given options.

Click here to play this on the website, or there's the play store link below too.

Click here to download the game as an app from the Android Play store






You could use your cards that you sequenced to help with this too.

Open, Shut Them

Sing and join in with the song ‘Open, shut them’ on Youtube.

  • Think about opposites you could find together in your house, e.g. hard/soft toys. What other opposites can you think of? What opposites were there in the story?