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Home Learning PAck 3

Week 1 - Brown Bear


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Welcome to the first week of our third pack of our Home Learning packs, please find the links and activities from your packs below and extra ideas and activities too. We can't wait to see what have been doing this week. Please keep in touch via Tapestry or email


Thursday Update - 

Please find 2 more bear stories below - enjoy!


Mrs Mitchell reads Where's my Teddy?

  • What does Eddie lose? How would you feel if that was you?
  • Where did he lose him? What does he find?

Mrs Mitchell reads Hello, Goodbye

  • Where is bear?
  • Who does he try to talk to? Why does everyone run away?
  • Who speaks very quietly at the end?


Mrs Mitchell reads Brown Bear, Brown Bear

  • Can you join in with all of the repetitive questions and you could predict what will be on the next page?
  • There are a few different versions of this story – there is a teacher , mother or monkey just before the children - what does this version include?
  • Look at all of the different colours of the animals – are all of the animals usually those colours?
  • Discuss if brown bear was listening and not looking what would he hear instead?


Brown Bear cards

  • In your pack for this week, there are some cards (pictured above). You can colour these in and then you could cut them out and sequence them, following the order of the story. You could then use this to retell and say the story aloud. Or, you could make up your own version of the story too.


Mrs Mitchell who do you see?

  • Can you complete the sheet from your pack, drawing a picture of you and writing your name underneath? Then I will be just like the teacher in the story and I will be able to see alll of your lovely faces and pictures - I can’t wait to see these!


A Bear Cub Grows Up - Non-Fiction Book

Click here, or the image above to go to read this non-fiction book all about bear cubs.

  • What is a baby bear called?
  • Where do the baby cubs like to go in the Spring?
  • What do bears like to eat?


Bedtime for Bears

Bears hibernate in the winter months and then when it is Spring they emerge. Learn how bears prepare for this and about their hibernation. Click here or the image above to watch the video.


Teacher, Teacher Who Do You See? 

  • Watch the video with a grown up and repeat the questions and answers.
  • Which people who help us can you see?
  • After watching the video, can you draw a picture of one of the people who help us from the video, or another key worker to say thank you for working so hard for us all?


Colour Scavenger Hunt

  • Using the colour hunt sheet in your pack, can you go on a colour hunt in your house?
  • Place your objects next to the page and get a grown up to take your photo. You could draw one of the objects into the box too.

Jelly/Gummy Bear sorting and graphing


  • You will need the Haribo goldbears from your pack and the gummy bear graphing sheet.
  • Can you sort your packet of gummy bears into the different colours?
  • Then, colour in the bears at the bottom of the chart and line up your gummy bears going up the page – which gummy bear have you got the most/least of in your bag?

Bear Colouring Game

  • You will need the dice and sheet with bears with dice spots on from your pack, as well as your crayons.
  • Roll the dice from your pack and can you count the dots on the dice? Do you know the number before counting? Colour in the bear with the spots on the bear that matches the number on the dice.


Teddy Bear Cake Counting Game

  • Click here or click the image above to play this game.
  • Put your number recognition into practise with this teddy bear game.
  • See if you can recognise the number of cakes that teddy wants to eat and then count and drag that number of cakes over to him, before checking to see if it correct.


Bear Toast Snack

  • Why not try making your own bear toast for a snack this week, with a grown up?
  • You could spread normal butter, peanut butter or chocolate spread onto the toast and use some raisins, blueberries or chocolate chips/buttons for eyes and if you have a banana you could use that for the ears and mouth too.


Mrs Mitchell reads Peace at Last


Mrs Mitchell reads Whatever Next


Brown Bear song

Join in with an animated song, linked to this week's story Brown Bear, Brown Bear


Hey Duggee - The Colour Badge

Watch as Duggee and The Squirrels paint some lovely pictures - can you spot the colours that they are using? What happens though when they need some colours that they haven't got?

Hey Duggee - Series 2: 30. The Colour Badge

Duggee is painting in his favourite colouring book. The Squirrels want to have a go too.



Colour Carnival

Join in with this catchy Cbeebies colour carnival song with lots of different rainbow colours. What can you spot?


So Many Colours

Watch as Woolly and Floot go to the Botanical Garden. Look at all of the different colours of plants they see.