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I'll keep updating this page regularly and if you could keep in touch via our app Tapestry, it would be nice to see how busy you have been and what you have been up to! I will also update you on what we're up to in my house with our journey of home learning with some tried and tested ideas.

Mrs Mitchell


Here is a link to some early years apps and websites here

Please find a suggested timetable for early years children here



Mrs Mitchell reads The Very Hungry Caterpillar -

see below for some ideas based around this story

 There is a free app by Fisher Price called 'Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar' available on the play store and the apple app store too. The age recommendation is 4+ and is ideal for Nursery. Image is below.

Link to a wealth of Hungry Caterpillar resources from Twinkl that can be used and downloaded too - click here.

In our house, we all read the story, before looking closely at the days of the week and what the caterpillar ate. We used our cutting skills to cut out the food he ate and matched to the days of the week.


We also looked at The Cautious Caterpillar story on Twinkl and the life cycle of a butterfly and we made an 'all about me' caterpillar to treasure - you could do this together.

Click here for cautious caterpillar resources on Twinkl


Simple Science - Dancing Stick Man

We did this simple science experiment the other day and tried it out a few times. You will need:

  • dry, clean dinner plate
  • dry wipe marker
  • water

Draw a stick man, or any other shape, making sure it's all joined together. Then, slowly pour the water on/around the drawing. The water will lift off the drawing. If it does not lift off completely, then give it it little help with the lid off the pen. Then, you can wiggle the plate and make the drawing move. 

Mrs Mitchell reads The Gruffalo's Child


So, it's April today, did you get fooled by any April Fools Day jokes? 

See below for our story, as requested by Brandon. We will have the sequel to The Gruffalo tomorrow.

See below for a song - 5 Currant Buns too.

Mrs Mitchell reads The Gruffalo

Weather is still cold, crumble sounds like a good idea to make after reading this story.
Draw pictures of the gruffalo and think about what he looks like, labelling him.
Could you add extra characters into the story - what else would you find in the wood?
There's some fantastic games here too..

Mrs Mitchell sings 5 Currant Buns



We have had a request from Brandon for The Gruffalo, so watch this space tomorrow! Any other requests for stories, either a theme or a specific book then please get in touch via Tapestry. Lots of you have been sending in photos and messages to let us know how you are doing and what you have been upto, so please keep thoise coming.


Please find one of our favourites and also one of our core stories in Nursery being read aloud below. Why not have a try at making your own Supertatos at home, drawing faces on some potatoes and making capes. Or, you could freeze some peas/small toys in ice cube trays and try to free them. If you were a superhero, what would your super power be? I think if I was Supertato then I would like to be able to freeze things, then I could freeze Evil Pea very quickly to return him back to the freezer.



10 Little Dinosaurs

Please find 10 Little Dinosaurs read below, as requested by Ethan 🦖😀. You could use this alongside Andy's dinosaur adventures to learn dinosaur facts. If you have dinosaurs in your house then you could go on a dinosaur hunt, hiding them around the house. You could paint dinosaurs and their footprints or do some dinosaur shadow art.


 Olaf's Gym - Phase 1 phonics activity

Here is a video clip of one of the phonics activities we take part in. It's called Olaf's Gym as Olaf will give instructions where the words are broken down into the sounds and the children have to blend the sounds together to understand and follow the instruction. This is good for distinguishing between the different sounds and for their listening skills. Join in along at home and you could try your own version with your own favoruite toy.



Owl Babies Bedtime Story

We love this story in Nursery - I have retold this story using puppets today. Enjoy!

You could link as part of an animals theme and mother's and their babies. Or, it could lead into light and dark theme and learning about nocturnal animals too.
I think I'd be like Sarah and try to be as brave as I could, who would you be? Were they worried about their Mum? Where could she have gone?



Dear Zoo activities and Bedtime Story

Lots of people had a zoo themed day yesterday with a themed day at Chester Zoo, so here's a zoo related story.

Want to catch up on the Chester Zoo videos, click here to access their Youtube channel. We watched the videos each hour and discussed what we could see and drew pictures and wrote the names of the animals in a little book.

As a theme to run alongside this story, you could also do some shadow animal art, complete an animal scavenger hunt around the house or size order animals. 

You can also view animals in 3D on Google. Type in one of the animal names below on Google on your tablet or mobile device and click on 'view in 3d'.

Animals available to view in 3D:

  • Lion,   Tiger,  Cheetah,  Shark,  Hedgehog,  Duck,  Emperor penguin,  Wolf,  Angler fish,  Goat,  Rottweiler
  • Snakes,  Eagle,  Brown bear,  Alligator,  Horse,  Shetland pony,  Macaw,  Pug,  Turtle,  Cat,  Octopus,  Dog
  • Deer,  Golden Retriever

Based around Dear Zoo, you could write a letter back to the zoo, or think about other things they could have sent and why they weren't suitable too.
You could create tickets to attend the zoo and think about how to look after the different animals too.
For younger children, you could look at the noises that the animals in the zoo would make.


Bedtime Story - We're going on a Bear Hunt

Our first bedtime story is We're going on a Bear Hunt which we love in Nursery. More stories to come soon.

Phase 1 Phonics with Mrs Mitchell

Please find our first Phonics with Mrs Mitchell today. This one is Olaf's Lunch. We usually play this in Nursery but with Jigsaw Jenie or Ronnie Robot. You can adapt and do this activity at home too using items from your cupboards and put it some items that you toy definitely wouldn't want to eat and that adds an extra element to it. 

Phase 1 phonics is really important in getting the children to distinguish the difference between different sounds and oral blending and segmenting is an important part of this and it sets them up for reading in Reception. This supports our learning in Literacy with Reading and Communication and Language with listening and attention. 



Phonics Ideas 

We have been using Phonics Play and Teach your Monster to Read websites. Phonics Play is free at the moment. Use 'march20' as the username and 'home' as the password. Access Phase 1 for Nursery.

Click here to go to Teach your Monster to Read

Click here to go to Phonics Play


Retro party dances - active time

This morning we have moved around to some retro party dances and listening carefully to the instructions. Here's Superman below for you to try at home



Volcano Eruption video

Please find your first video where we made a volcano at home. Watch what happens to the vinegar and bicarbonate of soda!

 Eruption up close