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Grangetown Primary

Nursery visit the Toon!

Nursery in Newcastle

What an amazing day our Nursery children had on Wednesday this week.

We visited two different museums! We went to the Discovery Museum and The Great North Museum, both in Newcastle.

It was fantastic - we got to see lots of historical costumes and characters, huge dinosaurs and their bones, lots of wildlife and some animals from different countries. We also learned about the history of the Tyne River and looked at some huge amazing boats.

We went to the shadows room and took some amazing photos of our selves. We also got to use mirrors and a fun soft play area, where we could see our reflections. We saw some crystals, which were so bright and beautiful! We also saw an Egyptian simulation, where we saw creepy snakes crawling on the floor! We designed some gorgeous hand prints too.

What a fabulous day we all had!