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Grangetown Primary

Fab start to 2022 in Music!


What a fantastic start we’ve made in music in 2022! There is some really impressive work being done and some beautiful music played.

KS2 have been learning all about Motown music and its history. Y3 have tried hard to learn how to construct major scales, while Y2 have been working fantastically well on timbre and rhythm.

Y4 have progressed hugely when it comes to their recorder playing and are now starting to learn to play along to songs like ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ by the Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. Y5 have been working on their wonderful voices this month, learning how to sing harmonies, building their confidence to sing solo parts and how to sing and play ukulele simultaneously.

Y6 have been learning about the history of music in America including: Native American music, blues, jazz and Motown and how these genres evolved into disco.

Music has been very exciting this month and there’s a lot more to come in 2022!