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Chinese New Year

We celebrated Chinese New Year across the whole school, giving the children a range of exciting learning experiences including cooking, art, language, writing, numeracy, drama and story-telling. Let's find out what each class got up to:

Early Years


We thoroughly enjoyed our visit from a Chinese artist Lip Lee, where we all learned about the Great Race, sang songs and we learned how to say `hello` and `happy new year`. We also made an animal mask of one of the animals from The Great Race. We carried out races outdoors, linked to the Great Race and looked at ordinal numbers in Numeracy. We also made our own ribbon wands and we have been ribbon dancing with these outdoors, developing our gross motor skills.  We enjoyed tasting a range of different Chinese foods and we used the chopsticks to eat the noodles and prawn crackers. The children have also had a fantastic opportunity to make several Chinese treats. We made fortune cookies, Chinese noodle chocolate and the very sticky dragon beard candy.

Key Stage 1


To celebrate Chinese New Year, children in Key Stage One took part in many exciting activities. We starting by looking at the story ‘Naming the Years’ and then acted it out using costumes and props. We used our ‘Talk for Writing’ strategy to retell the story and then changed the ending so that the cheating rat didn’t win! On Wednesday we were very lucky as we had a special visitor working with us. Lip Lee, who grew up inChina, helped us to start our celebrations by telling us all about Chinese New Year. He created origami animals to help tell a traditional Chinese tale. The children were captivated and enjoyed guessing what animal he was going to create next. We learnt all about why dragons are significant inChinaand some of us got to take part in a dragon dance. After that Lip Lee spent time with each class to help us make traditional Chinese crafts. The children used a variety of materials to help them make a concertina dragon in which they later named and used to perform a short story to the rest of the class. They also chose an animal from the ‘Naming the Years’ story and decorated it with lots of bright, eye-catching colours. We had a thoroughly enjoyable week learning all about another culture; their customs and celebrations.

Year 3

To celebrate Chinese New Year, the children watched a PowerPoint display which told the story of how each year is named after a different animal.  They cut out and decorated a Chinese dragon which had loops for its body.  They coloured in a mask of a horse and made a Chinese red wallet.  In Maths they made Chinese New Year animals and figures using tangrams.  Tangrams are shapes that made from lots of other shapes.  They also used a copy of the Chinese alphabet to write their name.  The children had a great time completing all the activities.

Year 4


To celebrate Chinese New Year we completed many activities, beginning with the traditional New Year story, about the animals crossing the river. We looked at red as a lucky colour and created lucky red envelopes, although, rather than adding money we included a special message for a relative. We also decorated them with Chinese symbols and messages. Year 4 also looked at introducing yourself and created signs with Chinese greetings on. Finally, to end the week, and because we are in the year of the horse we decorated horse pictures and used art straws to make them dance and move.

Year 5


"Kung Hei Fat Choy"  - Year 5 had a fabulous time celebrating Chinese New Year.  We started the session by learning the hand signals for counting from 1 to 10. Then we learnt how to count from 1 – 10 in Chinese then we progressed onto writing the Chinese characters 1- 10. We finished off our session by playing lots of number games.  We were very impressed with the children as they worked really hard especially with the pronunciation which was very tricky.

Year 6


Xin Nian Kuai Le! To celebrate the Chinese New Year, children in year 6 learned about the story of the Willow Pattern. They wrote different sentences – statements, exclamations, questions and commands – based around the characters from the story. They then made their own books and wrote their own stories of the Willow Pattern. We then read the story about the Chinese Zodiac and looked at how each year is names after a different animal. The children then retold the tale from the horse’s point of view as this year is the year of the horse. In maths, we learned all about tangrams – an ancient Chinese puzzle. We used the 7 shapes to work out how to make different pictures and even made up some of our own.