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Music and the performing arts are an important part of life at Grangetown. The children have the opportunity to enjoy musical experiences through listening, singing, movement and dance and by playing a range of instruments. The children are able to explore the emotional impact of music, and they learn how to use musical vocabulary to talk about and appraise aspects of music. They also learn about the historical and cultural significance of music. We employ specialist teachers for music, singing and drama, and the children have opportunities to take part in performances and shows. We provide instrumental tuition in violin, cello and keyboard. Our Choir performs in school and in the local community.

Intent, Implementation, Impact


Music provides the children with the opportunities to be expressive, creative and to explore their feelings and emotions. Our music curriculum aims to enable children to become proficient in singing, listening, composing and performing. The children will learn about the development of music, about influential musicians, and they will gain an understanding of the historical and cultural significance of Music.


Every class has a weekly music lesson with a specialist Music teacher, and we have access to a wide range of instruments including keyboards, ukuleles, djembe drums and glockenspiels - this enables us to provide a high quality musical experience for every child. Recently, we have carried out a review of our curriculum and produced an up to date curriculum overview to show progression across the school. In doing this we looked at the knowledge that we wanted the children to have and the skills which we would teach in order to achieve this. The music curriculum is often linked to the themes covered in class. All children in KS1 are encouraged to explore a variety of musical genres through listening, singing and composing. Progressing into KS2, the children will expand their performing, composing and listening abilities - they will develop skills to use and understand musical notation, look at the history of music and appreciate context when listening.


Through having fun and engaging Music lessons, our children show a positive attitude towards their learning in this subject and talk with excitement about the pieces they have created and performed. As a school we measure the impact of Music through the children’s ability to demonstrate the skills they have learned and to talk about their knowledge of music and about their experiences in terms of performing and participating. We also show the children’s developing creativity and performing skills through regular performances for both the school and wider community.

Our Music Policy

Our policy for Music is here.

Long Term Planning

Our Long Term Planning for Music is here.

Medium Term Planning

We are currently working on the content and sequencing of our curriculum, so that there is absolute clarity as to the knowledge and skills taught. As part of this, we are ensuring careful progression, so that the knowledge and skills taught in one term or year build upon what has been previously taught, and prepare pupils for future learning. As we complete each part of this work, the planning will be posted on this page.

Medium Term planning at Grangetown has also been expressed in the form of 'contexts for learning' (topics), and the music curriculum is linked to these half-termly themes - for example Autumn 1 and Autumn 2 of 2020.

Music in Action!

In July 2021, Year 6 performed in a musical production of Cinderella!