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Intent, Implementation, Impact


At Grangetown Primary School, we believe that it is important for all pupils to gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of British history and that of the wider world.  History should inspire the children’s curiosity to learn more about the past.  Our curriculum equips the children to ask perceptive questions, to be critical thinkers, and to explore evidence and to consider arguments.  Our curriculum also allows the children to understand the lives of different people, the process of change, to consider the differences between societies and relationships between different groups of people. Our history curriculum is sequenced, so that is builds on the knowledge and skills that the children have been previously taught, with clear expectations of what we wish the children to know.


The staff have used their skills and experience in order to review the History curriculum to ensure that all historical skills and knowledge are being taught in school and are progressive.  For each year group (Years 1-6), we have identified the knowledge we want the children to have and then considered the skills that are best suited to each area.

Teachers will teach the areas of history in chronological order as they allows links to be made between prior knowledge and future knowledge.  Where appropriate effective links will be made with other subject areas. 

Teachers use the long term planning document for history and use the objectives from it to plan exciting, interesting and engaging topics and lessons. 

We also extend the children’s understanding of a curriculum area through well-planned visits and visitors to school as well as theme days.

History work is recorded in the children’s curriculum books, but links can be found in English books, sketch books and in ICT.


Through the exciting, interesting and engaging lessons, our children develop a keen interest in history and enjoy sharing their knowledge both in class and often as a home based project.  The children enjoy and understand the links made with other subjects

As a school we measure the impact of History through the children’s ability to demonstrate their skills and knowledge; through talking to the children about their history lessons and topics; observations of lessons and monitoring of curriculum books by the history subject leader.  

History Policy

Our Policy document for History is here.

Long Term Planning for History

Our Long Term planning for History, from our Quest document, is here.

Note that some aspects of our Long Term planning for History are currently being reviewed - mainly to do with the placement of certain units of work; the LT plan will therefore be amended in September 2021.

Medium Term Planning for History

We are currently working on the content and sequencing of our curriculum, so that there is absolute clarity as to the knowledge and skills taught within each 'unit of work'. As part of this, we are ensuring careful progression, so that the knowledge and skills taught in one term or year build upon what has been previously taught, and prepare pupils for future learning. As we complete each part of this work, the planning will be posted on this page.

Medium Term planning at Grangetown has also been expressed in the form of 'contexts for learning'. For examples, see here. This will continue, but these will be underpinned not only by our Long Term Planning but also be carefully sequenced content i.e. knowledge and skills. 

History in Action - Case Study