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Grangetown Primary

Pupil Surveys


As well as our Annual Survey, we regularly ask children what they think, on a range of issues. Our School Council are particulaly active in doing this. For example, mini-surveys conducted over the past year include gathering views on Reading & books, the school library, school meals, playground markings, playground play equipment, and the GPS 2020 Vision project.

The children are used to expressing their views, and many actively use the 'Suggestion Box' in school to express their ideas - these are followed up by the School Council and in Assembly.

  • Click here for a report on our most recent Annual Pupil Survey, carried out in July 2018.
  • Click here for a report on the Annual Pupil Survey carried out in July 2017.
  • Click here for a report on the Annual Pupil Survey carried out in July 2016.
  • Click here for the results of our November 2015 Survey linked to upgrading our library.