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The friends of gps

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Our New Friends of GPS Group!

The school has recently re-launched our Friends of GPS group, and we once again have a committed group of parents and carers who are keen to support the school. The group have had several meetings, and have already organised two special activities: in December 2022 they decorated our school Hall for Christmas, including an amazing display of lights, and then in January/February 2023 they organised a fantastic Valentine's Disco, held on Monday 13th February.

Over the Years

Over the years,  we have been fortunate to have had several 'Friends' groups. These groups evolve, and then every few years there tends to be a re-launch, following a point when several members move on (typically after their children leave year 6) - this happened in Summer 2022, so in Autumn 2022 we set about re-starting the group.

Lots of Special Activities and Events

In the past, the Friends have worked hard to provide a range of special activities for the school. They have also raised much-needed funds for the school, and we have used this to improve provision for the children. Over the years, the group has organised:

  • An annual Summer Fayre
  • Raffles: Easter, Christmas, Valentines Day, and even the Queen's Platinum Jubilee!
  • Donations from local companies - for example to use as raffle prizes
  • Discos - Valentines, Christmas, etc
  • The provision of teas, coffees and refreshments at musical performances, and at Summer & Christmas shows, Sports Days etc
  • Decorations and lights for our school Hall at Christmas.

Funding put to good use!

Over the years, the funding raised by the Friends has helped to improve our school in lots of ways, and has funded several special treats and activities for the children, including:

  • Markings on the playground for games & sports activities
  • Pirate Ship next to KS1 playground
  • Subsidising the purchase of leavers' hoodies for Y6
  • Play equipment for playtimes and lunchtimes.