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Design & Technology


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Intent, Implementation, Impact


Design Technology provides the children with opportunities to think and explore creatively by evaluating, designing and making. Our aims within Design Technology are to enable children to use their creativity and imagination to design and make products that solve problems within a variety of contexts. As well as designing and making, the children are given opportunities to evaluate and reflect upon the effectiveness of what they create. The children will develop a range of skills to motivate and enable them to become innovators and risk-takers. 


Recently, we have carried out a review of our curriculum to ensure that the skills being taught in Design Curriculum are progressive & well-sequenced between year groups. We have looked at the knowledge, understanding and skills that we want the children to acquire. We will teach the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage in designing, making and evaluating their final creations through a variety of practical activities. Class teachers will decide when Design Technology is taught in their class whether this be weekly or blocked into half terms as this can often change depending upon the nature of the topic. All children in KS1 and KS2 will cover designing, making, evaluating, technical knowledge and food technology throughout the year but the skills taught will be different. Each teacher takes the objectives from our curriculum and teaches these through exciting, engaging and stimulating activities.


Through having stimulating Design and Technology lessons, our children show a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards their learning in this subject. The safe and supportive learning environment which we have created in our school allows children to approach Design Technology lessons with confidence and the knowledge and skills to achieve the end goal. Children will develop their creative, technical and practical skills which are needed to complete everyday tasks. They will build a repertoire of knowledge, understanding and skills in order to successfully design, make and evaluate high quality products. Children will design and make a range of products and evaluate the effectiveness using critical thinking and understanding. Children will explore through Design Technology lessons and learn how to take risks, become resourceful and be innovative. As a school we measure the impact of Design Technology through the children’s ability to demonstrate the skills taught; talking to the children about their Design Technology lessons; observations of lessons and monitoring the process surrounding the final pieces.

Policy Statement

Our current D&T Policy is here.

Long Term Planning

Our Long Term planning for Design & Technology, from our Quest document, is here.

Medium Term Planning

We are currently working on the content and sequencing of our curriculum, so that there is absolute clarity as to the knowledge and skills taught within each 'unit of work'. As part of this, we are ensuring careful progression, so that the knowledge and skills taught in one term or year build upon what has been previously taught, and prepare pupils for future learning. As we complete each part of this work, the planning will be posted on this page.

Medium Term planning at Grangetown has also been expressed in the form of 'contexts for learning'. For examples, see here. This will continue, but these will be underpinned not only by our Long Term Planning but also be carefully sequenced content i.e. knowledge and skills. 

D&T in action - Case Study

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