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Grangetown Primary

Personal, Social, & Health Education (PSHE)


During Autumn 2019, we introduced a whole school PSHE scheme called Jigsaw. Jigsaw combines PSHE, emotional literacy, mindfulness, social skills and spiritual development. 

Jigsaw is designed as a whole school approach, with all year groups working on the same theme (Puzzle) at the same time. 

There are six Puzzles (half-termly units of work) each with six Pieces (lessons). Every year group studies the same Puzzle at the same time (sequentially ordered from September to July). Each year group is taught one lesson per week and all lessons are delivered in an age appropriate way so that they meet children’s needs. 

The different puzzle pieces are:

  • Being Me in My World
  • Celebrating Difference
  • Dreams & Goals
  • Healthy Me
  • Relationships
  • Changing Me

Our PSHE long-term planning (from our Quest document & based on Jigsaw) is here.