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Grangetown Primary

Long-Term Planning

There are 3 elements to our Long Term Planning:

Early Years Foundation Stage

Our long-term planning for Early Years (Nursery and Reception) is set out here.

Years 1-6 - organised by yeargroup

These are broad National Curriculum overviews. They are being gradually updated, in line with our 2021-22 Curriculum Review.


Years 1-6 - organised by subject

Our long-term planning, organised by National Curriculum subject, is set out in our 'GPS Quest Curriculum' document. 

We decided on the name 'Quest' because learning is a journey - the children are on a journey through school, and also on a 'quest for knowledge'. The term also hints at an 'exciting adventure', which is of course what learning should feel like!

The Quest document is here. The document was initially put together during 2019-20. It is an evolving 'work in progress' and will be further developed during 2021-22.

The long-term planning for each subject can also be found on the individual subject web-pages. These pages are useful because they place the long-term planning within the wider context i.e. alongside the subject Policy, medium-term planning, and photographs & case studies to show the subject 'in action'. For further context, it is also worth having a look at our half-termly 'contexts for learning'.