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Grangetown Primary

Contexts for Learning

Using our 'Quest Curriculum' (Long Term planning), our teachers draw-up Medium Term Plans - these generally cover a period of a half-term.

These plans indicate the main content to be covered, in Core and Foundation subjects, and also set out a 'Context for Learning' or 'Topic', which in one sense is the vehicle or theme through which some (though not all) of the content will be taught.

A 'topic' is a useful means of providing 'meaning' for aspects of learning, drawing together strands from more than one subject area.

From Summer 2021 onwards, we are developing 'standardised' Medium Term Plans, subject by subject, to show how content (knowledge & skills) is sequenced across the school. This is an initiative that will continue throughout 2021-22. These plans will then be used by teachers as they plan half-termly Contexts for Learning and in putting together their short term (weekly) planning.

The Medium Term planning for this year is set out below. This draws upon Long Term Planning, and becomes the basis for the detailed Short Term Planning that teachers do on a weekly and daily basis. Last year's Contexts for Learning (2020-21) are available here.

Autumn 1 2021

The MTPs for Autumn 1 will be added in September 2021.