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Grangetown Primary

French - Mrs Blackett

Bienvenue and welcome to French with Madame Blackett. We have lots of fun in our French lessons here at GPS.

Click the + sign next to each month, below,  to see some of our fabulous learning activities in French!



Our Y6 children have enjoyed revisiting a favourite song and recognising their birth month. Year 5 were very excited to receive letters back from their new pen pals in France and they are looking forward to replying, in French this time. Year 4 have been learning how to describe animals using colours. In year 3, we have been practising making a statement into a question using intonation. We have been using the names of capital cities to help us do this. Year 2 have been introduced to the months of the year and seasons. They have created a simple calendar to help them to remember the new words. Finally, year 1 have had a lovely introduction to French. Madame Blackett has been very impressed by their enthusiasm and wonderful pronunciation.



Miss Tose’s class have very much enjoyed their first experience of French. They began by telling Madame Blackett about other languages they may speak at home. They were very keen to say any French words they already knew. Their favourite part of the lesson was meeting their new French friend Thierry Tricolore. He only speaks French so they loved saying ‘Bonjour’ and telling him their name in a short French sentence. Everyone designed their own version of a puppet and showed them to the class. To finish off, Norman our puppet who doesn’t speak French came to learn some new words. He often gets it wrong but the children were very good at correcting him. Bravo les enfants!



Our children find it very interesting to learn about the way Christmas is celebrated by children in other parts of the world. In year 2, we came across Berthe the witch again and her Christmas story taught us about the importance of Christmas Eve in France. All of the children in Key Stage 2 have been learning a Christmas song in French, ‘Jésus est né’ which they have shared with their parents and carers at the Christmas singing event. They sang so beautifully. The cards, which year 4 made to send to Switzerland, have arrived at our partner school and our new pen pals are writing New Year cards which is the tradition in French speaking countries. In German club, year 6 have made paper shoes to leave out for Saint Nikolaus. They were extremely pleased with the treats they found in their shoes. Joyeux Noël and Fröhe Weihnachten! 



In addition to improving our speaking, listening and reading skills, we have had a focus on writing in our French lessons in November. In Y2, we’ve been writing the names of the days of the week for our own versions of the story ‘La Semaine de Berthe’. Y3 have begun to write simple sentences to describe tourist attractions in Paris. Some of our y4 children have written Christmas cards to send to our partner school in Switzerland. Y5 have also been writing letters to new pen friends in Annonay in France. It’s so exciting to receive a letter from someone from a different country. Y6 have been trying out a game of disappearing sentences to write complex sentences about what they do outside school - it became quite competitive. All these activities have allowed our children to improve their knowledge of writing in French in a different and interesting way.



Taking up the challenge in French!

At the beginning of our French lessons, we are encouraged to take up the challenge! Each week we start with an activity which will get our brains thinking in French. In year 2, we always sing a song we have learnt previously, using actions to help us, ‘Les Couleurs’ is a favourite amongst the children. In year 3, we have been practising a rhyme to remember how to write a short sentence introducing ourselves. Year 4 are trying to remember the names of animals and how to pronounce them accurately, if we are feeling confident, we have a go at writing them from memory. Year 5 have been reading time sentences in French and translating them. We have even managed to translate some complex sentences using our language learning skills. Year 6 are really rising to the challenge by saying sentences to explain where they are going and at what time. Madame Blackett is so impressed by the effort made by our young linguists. 



In September, we celebrate the European Day of Languages. This year, our children have taken part in a competition. Each child has chosen a language and they have designed a piece of bunting to celebrate that language. Everyone has done some independent research to find the flag of a country where that language is spoken along with some useful phrases. This activity has given our children who speak an additional language outside school a lovely opportunity to share their language and culture with their classmates. Madame Blackett has been very impressed by the enthusiasm shown by our children and she has learned some new phrases too. Some of the bunting will be displayed in school and the competition winners in each class will be able to choose a fun language activity to do in class at the end of term.