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Grangetown Primary


Welcome to MusicWeekly music lessons take place in our large Community Room which is ideal for whole-class music making. The room is well-resourced with lots of musical instruments that are used throughout our music curriculum.

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In music, we have been listening to different songs and finding the beat. In year 1 and 2, the children learned how to keep a steady beat and control their instruments when playing along to familiar songs. In year 3, the children have talked about all the musical elements and performed these on a variety of percussion instruments. In year 4, the children have enjoyed using percussion instruments to explore and create sounds using graphic scores to represent a rain storm. Year 5 have started to learn the recorder and are beginning to recognise music notation to help them play tunes. The year 6 children have started their music learning looking at rhythms and have enjoyed creating their own rhythmic patterns on the Djembe Drum. All classes have enjoyed learning to sing some of Mrs Mavin’s favourite songs especially the Doodling song. A great start to the year in Music.