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Grangetown Primary

Year 6 - Mrs quinn

Welcome to Year 6! 

We have a lovely class of 21 children who are all very excited about the wonderful activities in store for them in their final year of primary school. 

Some important reminders:

  • PE is on a Friday. Children should come to school in full PE kit (navy shorts or joggers and a plain white T-shirt). All jewellery should be removed prior to PE lessons. 
  •  Children can bring 60p in on a Friday to buy a drink and a snack at break time if  they wish.
  • Children should bring their reading book to school each day and should have it signed by an adult at least three times each week.
  • Homework is given on a Friday and should be returned by the following Thursday. 
  • Please remember to bring a water bottle to school each day.

Summer 2

Mini Euro Tournament - Y6VQ are champions!

As part of health week, the children in Years 5 and 6 competed in a Mini Euro Tournament. The children all participated, either by playing in the matches or by cheering on their team. After a successful penalty shootout, Y6VQ made it to the finals and managed to win the cup! 

English - Darwin's Dragons

This half term, the children have been reading the book Darwin’s Dragons by Lindsay Galvin. They have used this story in order to inspire their own narratives and created their very own prologues for the story. They used their creative writing skills to think of their own ideas and included many of the features which we have learnt this year. For their non-fiction piece, they created their very own dragon which they designed and labelled. They thought of its special characteristics, where it would live, what it looks like and what it eats and then created their own booklet all about their dragon. Great work Year 6!

Summer 1

Well done!

During SATs week, the children worked so hard and made me very proud. Well done Year 6!

Y6 SATs celebration


In art we have been looking at the work of M.C.Escher. Inspired by his work, the children created their own tessellations in their sketch books which they then used to create a foam printing block. Using a variety of colours, the children printed their designs onto card.

Art Y6

Spring 2


In English this half term we are reading Rose Blanche which is a historical narrative. We have been looking at the ways in which the author conveys factual information to the reader in an exciting way. We have been retelling the story, thinking about which information is key and which information has been added in order to make the story exciting. 


This half term, our unit of work is 'Healthy me.' We began this unit by discussing the term agony aunt and discussed what an agony aunt is. The children looked at some problems and in pairs, they came up with some advice which they could give to the person.The children came up with some fantastic advice and were able to share this with the class. 

Spring 1


In English this half term we are reading 'When the sky falls.' We have enjoyed having copies of the text so that we can follow along and read together as a class. 

Magical Maths - Eggs in baskets 

The children have enjoyed our reasoning and problem solving lessons. For this problem, they had to work out how many eggs would go in each of the baskets. 

Autumn 2 


We enjoyed our annual visit to St Aidan's church to join in with the carol concert. 

St Aidan's

Parent Workshop - 12th December 

We had an excellent turn out for our Christmas craft themed parent workshop. We enjoyed making snow globe baubles, snowmen, Christmas tree hanging decorations and gingerbread houses. A fantastic time was had by all.


This half term we have been reading 'The Ship of Shadows' which we have used as inspiration for our own writing. The children wrote diary entries in role as the main character, taking into account her feelings and point of view. They then wrote five part narratives and worked hard to include figurative language in their writing in order to build tension. 

Magical Maths 

This half term we began our magical maths, reasoning and problem solving lessons. The first problem we tackled was Magic V's. The children enjoyed working in teams in order to work out how to make a Magic V. As a team, we managed to find 24 possible solutions. 

Autumn 1

Visit to Southmoor 

The children enjoyed a visit to Southmoor where they took part in a halloween crafts workshop. They were able to make pumpkins, vampires and mummies out of lolly pop sticks. They were also given the opportunity to access the sports hall and explore a variety of sports equipment including Kangoo boots. 


This half term in science we have been learning about electricity. We firstly recalled our prior learning and discussed what we could remember about how a circuit works. We have carried out a series of investigations in order to see what happens in a circuit if we change different variables. We also investigated to see whether it is possible to power an LED bulb without a battery. We used 4 lemons, copper wire and zinc nails for this experiment. The copper and zinc reacted with the citrus inside the lemon in order to power the bulb. 


This half term in Design Technology we have been looking at games which use an electrical circuit. The children enjoyed playing Beat the Buzz and used this game as inspiration for their own designs. We made a simple circuit and discussed how the circuit would be complete once the wand had connected with the wire. The children discussed what we liked about our design and what we would change if we were to make the game again.  

Visit to Sunderland College

As part of their STEM event, Year 6 visited Bede Campus at Sunderland college. We had  fantastic morning taking part in a variety of science workshop. The children particularly enjoyed watching the demonstration where they were able to see lots of science in action.