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Grangetown Primary

Year 5 - Miss richardson

Welcome to year 5!
  • Some important reminders:

    • PE is on a Tuesday. Children should come to school in full PE kit (navy shorts or joggers and a plain white T-shirt). 
    •  Children can bring 60p in on a Friday to buy a drink and a snack at break time if  they wish.
    • Children should bring their reading book to school each day and should have it signed by an adult at least three times each week.
    • Homework is given on a Friday and should be returned by the following Tuesday. 
    • Please remember to bring a water bottle to school each day.

Spring 1

This half term the children will be reading the book 'Harry Miller's Run' which is about an old man inspiring a young boy to take part in the Great North Run, this will then inspire the children to write their own narrative. In addition, they will be writing a persuasive letter to persuade a local venue to host a David Almond exhitbition. In maths, the children will learn to multiply and divide 4 digit numbers. Also, they will learn to multiply fractions and write decimals as fractions. In science, the children will be learning about reproduction. They will investigate the life cycles of different animals and compare them. In history, we will be learning about Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and their struggle for the kingdom in England. In art, we will be focusing on Van Gogh, we will be using a range of methods to recreate some of his most famous paintings. In RE, the children will consider why Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah, they will learn about the true meaning of Christmas and how lives can be transformed by Jesus. In computing, the children will be designing an app, they will be learning how to add text, images and hyperlinks. In PSHE, the children will be considering their dreams and goals for the future and looking at ways to achieve them. In PE, we will be doing gymnastics, the children will be practising rolls and forming different shapes.

Autumn 2

This half term the children will be reading the novel 'Holes' in English, and this will inspire their own narrative, which will include humour and tension.  They will also write a non-chronological report about an animal which is found in North America.    In Maths, the children will learn about and use multiples, factors, prime numbers and square numbers.  They will multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000.  They will compare and order fractions, convert improper fractions into proper fractions and vice versa and they will add and subtract using fractions.  In Science, the children will be learning about forces.  They will investigate friction, air resistance and water resistance.  In DT, the children will investigate mechanical systems and use pulleys and gears to create a machine that can pick an object up.  In RE, the children will consider what it is like to be a Muslim in Britain today and learn about the 5 Pillars of Islam, the festival of Eid-Ul-Adha and the pilgrimage to Mecca.  In Computing, the children will use a range of music programs to create and edit musical compositions.  In Geography, the children will learn about the countries of North America, the human and physical features of these countries and the capital cities of these countries.  In PE, the children will learn the rules and techniques of volleyball.  In PSHE, the children will consider what racism is and why it is important to be different. 

Coals to Goals 

The children spent a great day at the Beacon of Light taking part in a Heritage Day called 'Coals to Goals'.  The aim of the day was for the children to learn about the coal mining industry in Sunderland and to find out more about the football club, whose stadium now stands on the site of the old Wearmouth Colliery.  The day began with the children hearing from a retired miner who worked at the Wearmouth Colliery, and he told them all about life down a mine and the dangers of being a miner.  The children then learned some songs about coal mining in the North East.  The songs were 'Jowl Jowl and Listen Lads' and 'Just One Spark'.  The songs taught children more about coal mining and used examples of Sunderland dialect like 'marra'.  The children also went over to the Stadium of Light, where they saw the club's mining banner and saw the old pit wheel on display outside.  After lunch, the children learned about the history of the football club's badge and the changes made to it over the years.  The children also completed some physical tasks like completing an obstacle course and a team game involving 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'.  The children had a very enjoyable day and learned lots about the importance of both mining and football to Sunderland. 


Hidden Stories

When the children were in year4, they took part in the Hidden Stories project, where they visited the newly renovated Holy Trinity Church and learned about the history of the building.  Ruth, from the project, came back to school to work with the children again.  Hidden Stories are hoping to put on a play based around a 13-year-old boy called William Elliot.  When the church was being renovated, a letter from William was found asking people to remember him when he went off to war with the navy.  Ruth came into school, to ask the children for ideas for a modern character who will be in the play.  The session started with the children playing games and recapping what they had learned when in year 4.  The children were given a sheet, where they had to think about this modern-day character, their likes and dislikes, their family and what they were good at.  The children were then given a cardboard figure on which they had to design and draw the character.  These were then taken away by Ruth and will be used to help develop a character for the play.

Autumn 1

This half term the children will be learning about the Roman Invasion of Britain and will be reading a book with a Roman theme, called 'The Queen of Darkness' as their class reading book.  This book will be used to inspire their writing in English.  In English they will be writing a narrative set in Roman Britain.  Also in English, they will be learning about alliteration, the rule of three and using speech.  In Maths, the children will learn about Roman Numerals, place value, adding and subtracting with numbers with more than 4 digits and rounding of numbers.  In Art, the children will study the work of LS Lowry and produce their own version of his work using oil pastels.  In RE, the children will complete a Christianity unit, which looks as God as holy and loving.  In Science, the children will be learning about the properties of materials and conducting experiments about these.  In PE, the children will complete a dance unit and in Computing, the children will code using a program called Scratch.  

Segedunum Roman Fort and Museum

The children had a great day when we visited Segedunum Roman Fort and Museum at Wallsend.  The aim of the visit was to allow the children to learn more about the Roman invasion of Britian, which they had been learning about in their history lessons.  The day began with the children pretending to be Roman soldiers and practising their marching skills.  They had to follow instructions in Latin.  The children then learned all about what a Roman soldier would have worn.  Their teacher, Miss McLoughlin, was dressed as the soldier.  The outfit included hobnail boots, a chainmail tunic and a very heavy helmet.  The children then had the opportunity to look at Roman artefacts, which included a spear, knife and a flask.  The children used shields and spears to practise combat training and completed a matching activity, where they had to match a job to the correct piece of equipment.  After lunch, the children climbed the 35-metre-tall watch tower, so they had could have a bird's eye view of the remains of the original Roman fort.  They then had the chance to explore it.  The day ended with the children visiting the museum and viewing displays which showed how the Romans lived, a range of artefacts and watched a film but the lives of the people who would have lived at the fort 2000 years ago.  The children really enjoyed the visit, and it brought the unit of work to life for them.  



Sport Leaders Session

The children worked with a PE coach from Farringdon Academy and took part in a session of Sport Leaders training.  The session began with the children learning about PACE - Participation, Area, Communication and Equipment.  The children were taught about the importance of using this term when planning a sports session with younger children.  The children were taught how to organise the children into teams in a fair way.  The children then played a relay game to show the importance of not having large teams and how to adapt the game, so every child gets a turn.  The children played a game of bench ball.  After, the children were put into small groups, where one of them was the leader and they had to follow the instructions on a card to teach the rest of their group how to play it.  The children really enjoyed the session and will use the skills they have learnt to play games with younger children at playtimes and lunchtimes.