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Grangetown Primary


Welcome to Year 5AW's page! 

Here are some important notices

  • Our P.E. Day is a Tuesday. Remember to remove earrings and have a hair band for long hair. 
  • Please remember to bring a water bottle to school with you each day.
  • You should have your reading book and reading record in school every day and make sure that your reading record is signed at least 3 times per week.
  • Fruity Fantasy will be on each Friday, so you can bring a small amount of money into school. You will not need more than 60p.
  • All items of school uniform should be labelled. Lots of items get left behind in the classroom (or around the school) at the end of the day, and it is very difficult to identify who these items belong to. 

 In Year 5 we will be learning lots of fun and new information this year. We will be exploring lots of subjects throughout the year which you can explore in more detail below. 

Welcome to Summer Term in Year 5



We are continuing with the brilliant '100 Year Old Boy' and have been making some wonderful predictions about what is going to happen as we get to the end of the story. We have been inspired by the text to write our own balanced discussion texts on if we think 11 year olds should take a life pearl in order to live forever! We have so many for and against arguments, and some of us feel very strongly - but we do not all agree. 

We have been moving on to look at statistics in our maths lessons. We have been learning how to read and interpret line graphs, two way tables and how to create our own. 

Below is an example of a two way table. 


We've had a wonderful space day this term learning about how the earth rotates on its axis, and orbits the sun at the same time and how this gives us our days and seasons. It was lovely seeing the children dressed up and getting passionate about all things space! We drew around a contast shadow at different times throughout the day and made predictions as to what we thought would happen to the shadow next. It was so interesting watching it rotate throughout the day. We even made some awesome rockets and had a competition to see which rocket could fly the furthest. 


In our geography lessons we have been learning about rivers and we were lucky enough to go to Harehope Quarry. We walked across the countryside looking at the formations of the quarry and discussing why it was there, and what a quarry actually was. We then saw a dry waterfall with limestone foundations and even some fossilised coral. Once we made it down to the river we were able to get involved measuring the width, depth and current of the river as well as hunting for minibeasts. We learnt how to use callipers to measure some river bed pebbles as well. Once we had measured this part of the river in the upper course we walked back to where we started and compare the information with the river we could see in the lower course. The river was so much faster, wider and straighter down in the lower course, it surprised us how fast the river was when it was quite slow where we had measured it before. It was a brilliant day exploring and investigating rivers in the sunshine.




We have started this term by reading our class reader and are absolutely loving the new story! 

 We are following the non-linear journies of Alfie Monk a boy who has used a life pearl to be able to never age, Aidan, an 11 year old boy who has just had to move house, and the mischievous Roxy who is Aidan's new neighbour. We are using this text to write our own non-linear texts about travelling into the future. 


This month we have also started learning about perimeters - the distance around the outside of a 2D shape. We have been working strategies for adding all the sides together and thinking about careful measuring. 


We have started our Kwik Cricket lessons in PE this term and have loved getting to bowl cricket balls, and work on protecting the wickets!

In science we are continuing to learn about space and so far this month have looked at distances between the earth and the moon - which was so much further than we all thought! 


We've done some lovely activites in our PSHE lessons already this term and have been thinking about personal qualities we have. and those we value in our friends. We left each other notes to celebrate what was wonderful about us and it left a lot of happy faces all around the classroom. 

We will be learning about Benedict Biscop and St Peter's church in our history lesssons this term and have been learning some new terminology to help us understand the texts about his life - such as 'monk', 'abbot' and 'monastary'.