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Grangetown Primary

Year 3 - Miss kirkup & Mrs Bracknall

Welcome to Y3!

Some important reminders:

  • Our PE day is on a Thursday. Children can come to school already in their PE kit. Please ensure the correct PE kit is worn along with suitable non-marking footwear or plimsoles (not black soled trainers). Jewellery should not be worn on this day and please make sure hair is tied back.
  • Football with Arj over lunch time is on a Wednesday. Children need to bring their kit and spare trainers/football boots.
  • Reading books should be brought in everyday. Children are expected to read at home at least 3 times a week. Please sign your child's Home School Diary when you have listened to them read.
  • Home learning books should be returned on a Thursday and will be sent back out on a Friday.
  • Please can you ensure that your child has their name in their school uniform, PE kit and coats. There are always many left in the classroom and around school and it is hard to identify their owner.
  • Every Friday we have Fruity Fantasy at playtime. Children can bring money to buy a snack but no more than 60p is needed for this.


Year 3 have had a great time learning about Forces in Science! Looking at the different types of toys that use varied forces and exploring the strength of magnets. In Art, we have been looking at artwork by Paul Klee and have started to create our own Art inspired by him. Using only primary colours, we mixed colours to make secondary colours, we made some fantastic Art! ICT has been great fun using a website to create a 3D design that would protect homes from flooding. Year 3 have had some lovely sessions in PE - they have thoroughly enjoyed our gymnastics unit, exploring different shapes such as pike and straddle and linking these together to make a sequence.

What a lovely start to 2023! 


Year 3 had a lovely Christmas themed parent workshop this month. Parents and carers were invited in to support their children completing some Christmas crafts. The children started by designing then decorating a wooden Christmas bauble for our annual Christmas tree decoration in school. The children were very creative; they created reindeers, Santas and there was even one Grinch! Whilst they were drying, children then decorated a Christmas cracker card for one of their friends. It was a great afternoon with all of our parents and carers.

Year 3 had a fabulous afternoon at Farringdon Community Academy, taking part in a Trampoline lesson. We learnt how to do a range of jumps such as tuck, pike and straddle jumps. We then moved onto completing turns whilst jumping – half turns and full 360 turns! We had so much fun and made sure we helped our friends on and off the trampolines safely. We also spent part of the afternoon playing team games such as relay races and dodgeball. 




Year 3 had a wonderful day during their Stone Age day. They spent half of the day participating in a Stone Age workshop with Rachael from Wilderness Outdoor Education, learning all about how people in the Stone Age would survive. They even learned how to light a fire. All children had a go at lighting the fire and learned how to put it out safely. They then explored a range of objects such as animal bones, skin and wood that were used by people in the Stone Age for protection, cooking and keeping warm. When the children were not in the workshop, they got to complete Stone Age art, creating cave art using pastels and water colours. Their finished products looked very effective.