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Grangetown Primary

Year 2 - Mrs Roberts



  • Monster Phonics reading books and sharing books are changed every Monday
  • These books should be brought into school everyday
  • Children are expected to read at least three time per week with an adult at home
  • Books will only be changed if the home school diary has been signed three times
  • If you would like to know more about Monster Phonics click here


  • PE is on a Friday and the children can wear their school PE kit all day 
  • No jewellery to be worn

Fruity Fantasy

  • Fruity Fantasy is a healthy tuck shop that takes place on a Friday play time
  • If they wish, children can bring in a small amount of money to buy a snack


Our Learning Journey- Spring 2023

Playground Games

We loved our playground games session this week even though the snow meant we had to do it in the school hall. The children worked with  coach who showed us lots of different games we could play on the playground. We learnt Stoney, Leprechauns, Pizza chef, Poison and many more. We can't wait to play these together with our friends on the yard! 


We have started to look at multiplication this term. We have learnt about repeated addition and groups. We are now learning how to use arrays to help us work out a multiplication number sentence. We used counters to show these.


World Book Day 

We celebrated World Book Day by decorating white t-shirts with our favourite books and characters. We had lots of different designs including Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and Lola and Brown Bear. We had a special assembly to talk about reading and the special books we could get with our tokens. On the afternoon we did some shared reading with Y6VS and Mrs Roberts shared one of her favourite childhood book.

Amelia Earhart

Year 2 have really enjoyed learning about Amelia Earhart in both history and English. The children conducted their own research to find out about her life’s achievements. Did you know she was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean? We created a timeline of her life and used this information to write our own diary entry in role. The children we very sad to hear that Amelia’s attempt at flying around the world failed as she went missing over the Pacific Ocean and was never found.


In science we have been learning about the importance of hygiene and keeping our bodies clean. To help us understand why we must keep clean we completed an experiment. For our experiment we rubbed our dirty hands on a slice of bread, we then washed our hands and rubbed them on another slice of bread. We then put the bread in clear bags and hung them in our classrooms and watched as our bread became mouldy! We then discussed why our bread had changed and compared the bread that we rubbed our dirty hands on to the bread we washed our clean hands on. We noticed that the ‘clean hands’ bread generally was a lot less mouldy than the ‘dirty hands’ bread. This experiment has made us very careful about washing our hands, especially before dinner!

Our Learning Journey- Autumn 2022

Y2 Visit St Aidan's Church

Y2 visit St Aidan's Church

Y2 visited St Aidan's church this half term. We went as part of our RE topic. When we got there we met Father David who told us the different ways Christians worship God. He explained that the very first time this is done is during a baptism. He showed us lots of different artefacts that are used during celebrations and even let us try on some of his special clothing. We listened to stories and watched Dave the Minion get baptised. 


Angela's Ark

Y2 had a special visit from Angela’s Ark to support our new science topic. Angela brought in lots of different animals for us to hold and observe. She taught us that not all animal are born live and showed us different examples of mothers and their offspring.  We talked about how animals grow into adults and how an animal’s appearance can change. Some of our favourite animals were the snake, chameleon, bearded dragon, hedgehog and skinny pigs.


Tri Golf at Raich Carter

Y2 enjoyed their visit to Raich Carter to take part in a Tri golf competition. Other local schools were there too. We had to complete a variety of shots which scored us different points. Some were more difficult than others! Grangetown Primary came first!


How to Catch a Star


The children have enjoyed reading our class text 'How to Catch a Star' by Oliver Jeffers. We have mapped out the story to help us retell it in our English lessons. Watch the story here. Oliver Jeffers has also written lots of other amazing stories. To find out more click here.



In history and guided reading we have been learning about the events of The Great Fire of London. The children have created time lines and retold the events in order. In English they have produced a non chronological report with lots of details and description.