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Grangetown Primary

Year 1 - Miss Tose

Welcome to Year 1! This year we have 30 wonderful children in our class and this page is where we will share our learning journey with you all! Here you will find reminders, photographs, examples of work and you will see just how much fun we have in Year 1 whilst learning important information and new skills. 



  • Monster Phonics reading books and sharing books are changed every Monday
  • These books should be brought into school everyday
  • Children are expected to read at least three time per week with an adult at home
  • Books will only be changed if the home school diary has been signed three times
  • If you would like to know more about Monster Phonics click here


  • PE will be on a Wednesday and the children can wear their school PE kit all day 
  • No jewellery to be worn
  • Long hair to be tied up

Fruity Fantasy

  • Fruity Fantasy is a healthy tuck shop that takes place on a Friday play time
  • If they wish, children can bring in a small amount of money to buy a snack


Souter Lighthouse visit 

Year 1 had an amazing time visiting Souter Lighthouse in June. We have been learning about Grace Darling who was a Lighthouse Keepers daughter and she became famous for saving the lives of nine people in a shipwreck. What better way to learn about the type of life Grace had than to visit a Lighthouse! We began by looking at the staff quarters in the Lighthouse, looking at what the rooms would have looked like at Grace’s Lighthouse. We then found out how the fog horn noise is made and looked at the machines that compress the air to make the noise. We then climbed the steep staircase all the way to the lamp room at the top. We looked at the views and found out how the lamp works. We were so brave climbing to the top as the stairs were very very steep We then had lunch at the Lighthouse and whilst we were eating, 8 dolphins decided to give us a show jumping out of the water and playing right in front of us! It was truly spectacular!

After lunch, we went to Roker beach where we played on the sand and in the water. Before we came back to school, we had a delicious ice cream with a flake and strawberry sauce! We had such an amazing day and learnt so much about Lighthouses!

Phonics Screening Check 


Our class took the phonics screening check in June of this year. They had to read 40 nonsense and real words. The children have been preparing for quite a while (even thought they weren't aware of it!) and they have all tried their very best. We are so proud 

Summer RE: Christianity 

In RE in Summer Term, we have been looking at aspects of Christianity. We have explored what it means to build someone up and have looked at passages from the bible. We looked at the story of Ruth and Naomi and thought about what friendship actually means.

Summer Science: Materials 

In Summer Term, we have been learning all about materials, their properties and what they are used for. 

Linked to the story 'The Three Little Pigs' which we are focusing on in English, we decided to explore the materials the pigs used to build their houses. I set the children the task of making each house in small groups. We then tested the houses strength and if it was waterproof or not. We decided as a group that the brick house was definitely the best option as it was strong and waterproof. 

 Spring 2: Old School Days 

 In March we had an amazing old school day linked to our learning about our old school building. We dressed up for the occasion, looked at old school artefacts, ate an old school lunch and played old fashioned games. It was a brilliant day and the children put so much effort into their costumes! 

Year 1 Old School Days

 Spring 2 Change for Life 

 We were able to take part in a project called Roots and Shoots where we learnt about planting and growing fruits and vegetables. We got the opportunity to grow lettuce, radish and grow our own peas shoots! Look at how they have grew!


Y1 Change for Life


Reading with parents in school 

We have just launched our reading with parents in school on Friday mornings. Please come and join your child in school from 8.40am every Friday where you can read in their classroom! 

Thank you to all parents who attended last week!


Spring 1

We have had a fantastic start to Spring 1 already! We went trampolining at Farringdon school where we learnt new skills such as tuck jumps, pikes and how to work together as a team! Have a look at our pictures! 

Year 1 trampolining and games

Spring 1 PE: Gymnastics 

In PE, we have been learning a range of balancing, travelling and shape skills. We have really enjoyed using the apparatus where we have learnt how to mount and dismount safely


 Christmas in Year 1!

We had some many amazing Christmas celebrations in Year 1 this year! We went to Durham Gala Theatre for the Sleeping Beauty Pantomime, we went Snowtubing at Silksworth, we had an amazing parent workshop, we visited Southmoor school for Christmas crafts and we starred in our own show 'Hey Ewe!' 

Christmas in Year 1


Autumn 2: Whatever Next

Year 1 have been so engrossed in the book ‘Whatever Next’ this half term. It all began when we received a bear in the mail. We didn’t know where he came from but gave him a home in our classroom. Then, one morning, we found bear with a suitcase and a box. We read the story ‘Whatever Next’ and read about how baby bear used a box as a rocket to fly to the moon for a picnic. We then helped bear pack his bag for his journey, ensuring he had the correct clothing and food! We then took part in role play by getting into the rocket box ourselves and blasting off to the moon! Finally, we have all wrote the story in our books which are absolutely fantastic.

Visit to St Aidans Church 

In RE, Year 1 have been learning all about how a baby is welcomed into the Christian faith. We went to the Church and Father David told us all about Baptisms and how they begin an important journey in a Christian’s life. Father David showed us the chrism oil which is used, let us look in the font, and we helped baptise Dave the minion! We learnt so much and can’t wait to go back for another visit.

  Backhouse Park 

 We really enjoyed our Autumnal visit to Backhouse Park! We looked for changes in Autumn and found conkers, fallen leaves which were gold, brown, red, orange, yellow and purple! We saw squirrels finding nuts to store for the winter and acorns! We finished the visit with a play on the park! 



Autumn 1: Dear Zoo 

We had a fantastic half term looking at the book Dear Zoo! We even created our own flap books which are proudly on display in our classroom! We found out lots about animals in Science- we even explored animal poop to see if the animals were herbivores, carnivores or omnivores!