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Grangetown Primary

Foundation Stage Nursery

Welcome to our class web page, for Nursery 2022-23. We have a lovely class of over 50 children, who love coming to school to learn and play with their teachers and friends. 

Our staff

In Nursery we work to a ratio of 1 member of staff to 13 children. We have two part time teachers (Mrs Hanlon & Mrs Mitchell) and a teaching assistant (Miss Davison). The children are also supported over lunchtime by Miss Pickering our Reception teaching assistant.

Miss Hanlon

Miss Hanlon


 Mrs Mitchell 

Miss Davison

Miss Davison


Session options

15 hours

We offer morning or afternoon sessions (3 hours) 5 days a week for 39 weeks of the year or we can also offer 2 1/2 full days over 39 weeks. We usually encourage this to be at the beginning of the week or the end of the week. Some parents also choose to pay for top- up sessions costing £14 per session (3 hours). A childcare contract must be signed before these sessions can begin. If flexibility is needed please speak to a member of staff as we can usually accommodate.

30 hours

Our 30 hour children access the setting for 5 full days (6 hours per day). To access this amount of hours we must be given a code. You will need to apply for this the term before they start and then reconfirm every 3 months. More information can be found at https://www.gov.uk/30-hours-free-childcare

All children who attend Nursery for full days will need a packed lunch or given a school lunch if requested. A school lunch will cost £2.20 per day.

Session times

Morning– 9am– 12pm                  Afternoon- 12.15- 3.15pm

Full days– 9am - 3.15pm

What the children need to bring

Water Bottle: Please provide a named water bottle each session for your child to have access to at all times. We also provide milk or water at snack times and lunch time as well.

Spare clothes: Tops, underwear, trousers/ skirts, socks and bottoms. This is particularly important when your child is toilet training but it is also useful for all children to bring a spare set of clothes in case of getting wet/muddy etc.

Nappies/Pull-ups and wipes: If children are still in nappies for medical/ other reasons we ask that enough wipes and nappies are provided for the day.

Sun cream: In the summer we ask for all children to arrive to nursery with sun cream already applied and if they are staying for a full day session we ask for a bottle to stay at nursery to allow it to be reapplied in the afternoon.

Please ensure all items including coats and jumpers are clearly labelled

Your Child’s Progress

Sharing your children’s progress and achievements are vitally important to us. There are a range of ways that we communicate your child’s progress with you:

  • Monthly newsletters/ weekly updates
  • Half termly parent pamphlets- this sets out what we will be learning during that half term
  • Termly parent/ teacher consultations
  • Yearly school report
  • Tapestry– Our Online Learning Journeys: When you filled out your registration forms it would have included a letter about Tapestry and an accompanying consent form. We will create a secure account with the details you provide that enables us to upload photographs, observations and reports relating to your child’s time with us. As a parent this allows you to view exciting achievements via a computer or smart phone.
  • Open Door Policy: All of our staff are happy to answer any queries or questions during drop off and pick up times. More lengthy meeting can be arranged usually for that week or you can also email and phone us at any time.
  • Class Dojo - we also communicate to our parents via Class Dojo and this may be little reminders or short messages.

This Years Activities  

Summer Term

Well, that's a wrap on what has been such a successful year in Nursery. For many, the fun will continue next year as you move through to Reception and some of you are so lucky to be continuing your journey in Nursery too. Thank you so much for your support this year to make this a fantastic year!

We have been super busy in the past few weeks and here's a small selection of photos. Our splash days were our highlight but it has been fantastic to be outside in the warmer weather.

Nursery July 2023



 Welcome to the last half term of the year and what a fun filled and action packed half term it is going to be!

Already, we have been having fun in the sun, tidying up and planting in our garden area and we'll be making sure that we tend to our seeds every day. We have been learning about repeating patterns in Maths and it was great making our own too. We have also made our own cupcakes which were so yummy! We carefully measured out the ingredients, mixed them together before carefully putting it into cake cases. Then, one of our teachers put them into the oven for us.

Nursery June 23 update



 We have had a fabulous half term getting stuck into our latest topic Down at the Bottom of the Garden. We loved reading the story Superworm and we dug for our own worms. We also created edible worms and edible soil and it was delicious! We learned all about we needed to give plants to make them grow healthy before growing our own cress.

Nursery May 2023



This week we welcomed the first of our new starters to Nursery and they have begun to get to grips with our Nursery routines so well.

Welcome back to Nursery as we begin our first topic of Summer term we have so many exciting things planned. This week we have planted our own cress seeds into pots and we have made sure that they have enough water and sunlight. We have been closely observing them and we have been excited to learn that they have started to grow. We can’t wait for them to grow big enough to eat. We then drew and wrote about our cress growing experiences this week.


Nursery Summer 1 2023




Spring Term

For such a short half term, we certainly have a lot of exciting things planned!

We had so much fun celebrating World Book Day this year. Our chosen book was The Dot and we loved recreating our own fantastic and unique pieces of artwork based on this book that we placed on our door mural. We decorated our World Book Day t-shirts with bingo dabbers and wore them with pride. We loved visiting Year 3 and having some Year 3 children to share books in our classroom with too.


Nursery World Book Day 2023

Other activities we have to look forward to are our parent stay and play sessions, parent consultations, not to mention a special visit from Angela's Ark with all of her fabulous animals.


We welcomed our new January nursery starters and they have settled in so well to our routines and we have also been very busy bees in Nursery 🐝.  back to our fun filled and action packed first half of Spring term.


We had a themed week based around Chinese New Year where our areas were enhanced and we took part in a variety of activities. Our favourite was definitely the food tasting 🍽🥠🍜.

We also loved visiting Grangetown park where we burned off lots of our energy and developed our gross motor skills whilst sliding, climbing, swinging and much more.


Nursery Spring 1




Back on the Map

On Monday 6th February (morning session) we will be walking to Back on the Map (old Hendon Library). The children will have to opportunity to read lots of books and take part in other craft/ play activities.


Superhero Themed Day—Wednesday 15th February

We will be hosting a fabulous superhero themed day with a variety of themed activities to complement the end of our topic.


Autumn Term

Nursery have been involved in lots of lovely Christmas activities over the last few weeks. We have had two fantastic parent workshops, two trips to the soft play, a Christmas Nativity and party. The children were amazing in the nativity and sang the songs and performed beautifully. Thank you for the brilliant turnout to our workshops too. 




We've welcomed the recent Wintery weather and we have been loving our Muddy Monday sessions and Forest Friday sessions in our fabulous outdoor area. We've found wriggly worms and jumped in the biggest muddy puddles. We loved making our own bird feeders from apples, bird seed and peanut butter too. We also had such a fabulous time at Mowbray Park and we got on the bus to get there too.

What a fabulous first half term we have had and well done to everybody as we have really settled well into nursery and we have had many firsts as well. We loved performing for our grown ups at our first Harvest Festival and we really looked the part singing our Autumn favourites Dingle Dangle Scarecrow and Big Red Combine Harvester. One of our core texts is The Very Hungry Caterpillar and we used talk for writing to rehearse the story. We learned all about the life cycle of a butterfly as well as caring for our very own caterpillars. We watched as they grew and transformed, before we finally released them during our first trip. We walked along to Backhouse Park, spotting the autumnal changes and it was magical letting our butterflies go.


We've had a great first week in Nursery and we have been getting to grips with our new routines. Just look at how busy we've been! We are looking forward to getting stuck into some fabulous activities that we have planned this half term.