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Grangetown Primary

Year 6 - Miss Hunter

Important things to remember:

  • Our P.E. Day is a Friday (afternoon). Remember to remove earrings and have a bobble for long hair. You can come to school in your P.E. kit but remember that plain joggers would be best. 
  • Please remember to bring a water bottle to school with you each day.
  • If you have a music lesson, you will need your instrument on a Tuesday or a Friday.
  • You should return your reading book and home school diary to school every day.


 A visit to Lambton Estate

Some of the children in Year 6 were chosen for a very special visit to Lambton Estate in County Durham. We visited in order to find out about the different careers that are available to us when we grow up. We began the day visiting the new housing development on the site and met the site manager. He explained the different roles that he is responsible for and the people he manages. We also got to see some wonderful new houses and the cars parked outside of them - Bob told us we need to aspire to achieve similar things! We then met a sergeant from the Northumbria Mounted Police division and were introduced to the police horses. Did you know that the horses are now classed as Police officers? This was definitely a highlight of our day because we were all animal lovers. We then went to the country estate and met the groundskeeper (and his working dogs). He took us for a tour of the gardens where we got to plant our own flower patch. The whole day was fantastic and we left feeling very inspired. 


Shining on the stage

After many weeks of practise, Year 6 took to the Empire stage as part of the Sunderland Schools dance festival. This year, the theme was our natural world so we looked at what that meant to us and how we could represent it through dance. We looked at the importance of caring for the planet and the conflict that can have with our modern lives. We worked extremely hard, and even had to re-choreograph the dance due to a last minute injury. The children behaved beautifully throughout the day and then Year 5 and the rest of Year 6 joined us in the afternoon to watch our performance. It was a fantastic day! 

 A day we've all been waiting for

Although we do have a few weeks left, the day we were desperately waiting for has finally arrived. We all received our Leavers hoodies and we couldn't be happier! Thanks to the Friends of Grangetown for helping provide our jumpers. We absolutely love them and we will wear them with pride. 



Year 6 are currently reading a fantastic new story called Darwin's Dragons. This is the fictional story about Syms Covington, who was a real person who sailed around the Galapagos Islands with Charles Darwin. It links perfectly to our unit in science. Can you guess what it is? That's right, Year 6 are learning all about evolution this half term. They have began their unit by learning about how humans have changed over time. 


 Year 6 had a fantastic World War 2 day to conclude their history unit of work. As you can see, they all made a fantastic effort with their costumes for the day. The children had a DT lesson where they got to create the Anderson Shelters they had researched and designed. Each of the children used different materials to create their product and thought carefully about the best ways to attach them together. They were then able to reflect upon their models and discuss whether they were fit for purpose or whether changes needed to be made. The children, of course, got to try some World War 2 style food - let's just say, some of the Y6 children were not amused! 


We have moved on from our topic where we learnt all about the Victorians and have been learning about a book called The Ship of Shadows. It is a fantastic book where our young heroine called Aleja accidentally finds herself on board a magical ship. She overcomes lots of challenges and adversity and finds her life very interesting. In the rest of our lessons, we have been learning about countries of Europe, The circulatory system in humans, and how artists show messages with their art work. 


Tag Rugby Champions!

Year 6 had a fantastic time taking part in the rugby tournament against Hudson Road school. After our two coaching sessions at school, we headed off ready for the tournament with a key message from our coach: pass it back! The cold weather didn’t stop the children and they tried their very best in every game. They showed fantastic team work skills and were cheering each other on. They were over the moon to have won most of their games!  We are very proud of all of the children and their achievements in this tournament! We have lots of talented athletes in Year 6 so we hope they keep up their new skill. 


Welcome back to the Autumn term! We have lots of wonderful activities planned. In history, we are going to be learning all about the Victorians. You will learn who Queen Victoria was and some of the big changes that happened during her reign. In science, we are also going to be learning about electricity and how to investigate different circuits. Hopefully, you will be able to remember some knowledge from when you studied electricity in Year 4!

Our first attempt at designing!

During our first design technology lesson of the year, children were given the task of building the tallest tower using A4 paper, scissors and nothing else. At first they found it very tricky because how could you make a piece of paper taller than it already is? But then, some of the teams began to think outside of the box. The paper didn't need to be glued together to make it longer. Instead, they could use different folds or cuts to join the towers together. Once they had experimented, together as a class, we came up with design criteria. The children were given more time to create their tower, using the new design criteria. Each of the towers were judged in three different categories, by the design team and then by a competitor. Some of the results were excellent!