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Grangetown Primary

Year 5 - Miss Muldowney

Welcome to Year 5! Here you will find all of the fun and amazing learning activities we do in our class and any important information will be displayed!

Important information

Monday - First day of the week, children need their reading book in school to ensure they are being heard reading by an adult throughout the week. 

Tuesday - Learning at home books are collected and checked on this day. After school clubs are on.

Wednesday - PE Day. Children come to school in their PE kit for our PE session. Please wear sensible shoes, no jewellery, black shorts or jogging bottoms and a white t-shirt. 

Thursday - Home school reading diaries are checked and signed by Miss Muldowney this day. Please have them in school ready. We should be reading 3x a week. After school clubs are on.

Friday - Fruity fantasy is on a break time. Please make sure you bring in your money if you would like to buy a snack.  Homework goes out on Fridays ready for Tuesday hand in. Y5/6 football club with Arj is on a lunchtime.

Summer 2

The Jamie Drake Equation! Year 5 are learning all about space!


Summer 1



St. Peter's Church - Local History


Should a Person Take a Life Pearl in Order to Live Forever?


The 1000 Year Old Boy!

Spring 2

English - How to Move House 

Our non-fiction this half term was to write a non-linear procedural text (How to Guide or Instructions) on a specific topic. As our Geography topic was Rivers, we read 'The Dam' by David Almond and spoke about how the characters have to move house because of the creation of the dam. It is a true story, therefore, we wrote a how to guide on how to move house, including important paragraphs such as 'packing', 'who to contact', and 'local area'.

We gathered ideas together first before deciding how to plan and write our text!

World Maths Day!

World Maths Day was new this year and we loved it! In Year 5, we read two books that were maths related. We spent our time reading Just a Second - which told us all the things in the world that can happen in one second. It was fascinating. We then created posters that showed all the things in our life that relates to numbers, including our age, house number and how many years we lived. We even used our maths skills to work out how many seconds we had lived. Our work is on display!! We then read Zachary Zormer's Shape Transformers about a boy who creates shapes with everyday items. We then created Moebius Strips and Expanding Frames to show how maths can be created from a simple piece of paper.

 World Book Day!

One of our favourite days of the year is World Book Day. This year we designed our own t-shirts again, had a class swap with Year 2DM and also celebrated many authors and books we love. We watched a live session on the WBD website where authors were speaking about their books and giving workshops on how to be creative. We also got a £1 book voucher!

PE - Gymnastics

Our PE this half term has been focusing on Gymnastics. It has been fantastic to get out the equipment, work in pairs and do balances and routines.


In one of our lessons, we focused on balances, making shapes and rolling.

In another, we looked at improving our strength on the apparatus and creating the balances we had learn to make a routine.

Spring 1

Swimming at Raich Carter!

This half term, our PE lessons were at Raich Carter, where we went swimming to learn how to be safe and know how to swim 25 metres. We were able to walk from school, and walk back and spend 1 hour in the pool with the instructor supporting us. We learned backstroke, front stroke and learned how to jump into the pool safely. We even were shown how to do handstands in the water.

Vincent Van Gogh - Focus Artist

'The Sunflowers'


Our focus artist has been Vincent Van Gogh and we looked at his Sunflowers painting. We learned how to create the impasto technique, and then used this to create our own sunflower.



'Starry Night'

We have also looked at Starry Night during our Art topic. We learned how to use lino cutting and printing to create a painted background effect and also painted our own version of Starry Night!

Basketball at Farringdon Academy

The whole of Y5 were lucky to have the opportunity to take part in some basketball coaching at Farringdon Academy. We learn all the correct skills from the coaches and worked with children from other schools too. Then, we played tournaments against each other to put our skills into practice.

PSHE - Creating a Charity

The children have created their own charities in PSHE this week. They looked at why and how charities run and how important they are. They then come up with different ways they could fundraise money and how they could make that into a charity. The groups then presented them to each other, and we all decided which charity we think would work the best and was most organised.


ICT - App Design

The children have been looking at App Design this half term in ICT. They have followed instructions of how to create their own app for our school.

They had to add hyperlinks, change text and add images and also be able to add information from sources on the website.

The children were so proud that they showed Mr McAnaney, and he loved them!


English - Persuasive Letter to Sunderland City Library

Our non-fiction piece of writing this half term was to write a persuasive letter. We decided that we wanted to write to Sunderland City Library to ask them if they would consider inviting David Almond to Sunderland and have a David Almond exhibition. The children come up with some fantastic ideas of why they should do this, including that it would bring tourism to Sunderland and boost our economy. They also thought about the important impact it could have on education and children who love his books.

They then presented their ideas in front of each other before writing their letters to send.

English - Harry Miller's Run

The children in Year 5KM have been focusing on Harry Miller's Run by David Almond this half term. The children have created a wonderful display full of their writing where they have completed their own version of the story. The story follows a young boy who wants to run the Great North Run, and speaks to his old next door neighbour - Harry Miller. Harry tells him all about his own success in the run itself and inspires him to do the same. Its a heartwarming story.

Autumn 2 

Elf the Musical!

Year 5 put on an absolutely fantastic performance of Elf the Musical at the end of term. They performed twice in one day for over 50 parents each time, and also put on a performance for the school. They were led by Mrs Davies, our drama teacher, and their own class teachers to put together such a memorable performance. Elf follows the story of a young human boy who was left and the North Pole, when he finds out he isn't an elf, he travels to New York City to find his father! When he does, he causes much trouble, but in the end - it is happily ever after. 

It was a joy to see the cast perform so confidently and learn many lines from a West End Production! Below are a series of photos from the night.

Some photos from the night^^^

We would also like to thank our amazing choir who helped the whole of the cast out with the vocals and volume of all the songs. Here is a photo of our practice^^^

Christmas Party

It was the annual GPS Christmas Party and it was spectacular. There were party games, dance competitions and the best music by DJ Newby! All of Year 5/6 came together and had a good time in the hall, and also had food back in their classroom. 


Christmas Baubles

We love our Christmas tradition of decorating baubles and putting them on the tree. Our Christmas light switch on is fun and exciting and brings the whole school together.



New Year Calendars



Our calendars were looking beautiful this year! 

We used finger painting to create the four seasons.




ICT - Using Excel for Data

Our ICT focus for Autumn 2 has been Data Handling. We had to learn how to use Excel and order the cells the way we wanted. Using all the skills from iLearn2, we were then able to use excel to create some amazing pictures. 



Science - Forces 

Balloon Buggies 


Year 5 have spent their science lesson creating a balloon buggy to investigate air resistance and the force of pushing and pull and how when one force is pushed or pulled, an opposing push or pull can be felt. The children used milk bottle tops, balloons, straws and cardboard to create their buggy. They then decorated it with their own patterns and tested it on different types of materials. The children then had a race in the school hall! It was so much fun.

Air Resistance


The children have also been investigating air resistance more closely in Science this half term. They used a piece of paper and tested how far it would travel when flat, they then folded it in smaller pieces and did the same test and found that the larger the surface area, the slower the piece of paper travelled.



Our experiment for testing gravity was one of the most fun and messy experiments yet! We placed a tub full of flour with a layer of cocoa powder on top in the middle of the floor. Everyone all chose an object to drop into the powder (all from the same height).


Look at the mess!!! 







We then measured using a ruler how deep the crater was. This helped us measure gravity against different objects.


Our experiment to test friction was also fun! We took a shoe and used Newton metres to measure the force of friction against a range of different materials (cardboard, gravel, carpet, desktop, grass). The children then recorded their findings in their books.



PSHE - Getting to Know Each Other

In PSHE, our topic has been 'Celebrating Difference'. To do this, we all wrote as many things as we could about ourselves and stood opposite a partner that they usually wouldn't speak with. They had to share all about themselves and highlight any similarities and differences they had. We then would swap partners every 5 minutes.




Anti Bullying Week!

One of our favourite tasks in Anti Bullying Week this week was our act of kindness. We had to surprise Nursery with an act of kindness and they had to do the same for us. They brought us cookies and we gave them a piece of chocolate, pencil and a note on a gift tag. It was so fun and we really enjoyed this.

(Insert photos here)

Geography/ICT - Research

Our Geography topic this half term has been all about North America, as it links with our class text 'Holes' by Louis Sachar. The novel is set in a desert in Texas and we wanted to focus on the physical and human features across North America. 

We went to the ICT suite and researched all the amazing physical and human features across North America, including: The Grand Canyon, Death Valley and Niagra Falls. We then researched about them and created beautiful posters on publisher.

Autumn 1 

Year 5 Segedunum Trip

Our trip to Segedunum Fort was a fantastic opportunity for the children to step into the lives of a Roman soldier. They visited the fort grounds, where there are still Roman foundations built and preserved and spoke about different objects they may have found in a Roman home - the children couldn't believe that the horses would live inside their homes. The children also saw 3D model of what this would have looked like still standing. It brought their learning to life!

During the afternoon, the children went on to soldier and combat training, where they had to be soldiers in the barracks and fight a battle. They learned the way to say left and right in Latin and had a fantastic time doing soldier jobs for money. They wore uniform, held their equipment and even got the chance to see a real arrowhead that had been saved from the ruins of a Roman battle. 

Some of the photos above just prove how much we all had and we all took a certificate home for our achievements.

French Day - Bonjour!

This French day, Year 5 focused on the French speaking country of Monaco. They worked alongside Madame Blackett to focus on a specific artist - Ben Heine - who focused on an art technique called Pencil vs Camera. They also listened to our lovely French Visitor Natalie, who came to tell the children French stories. The children then learned all about the Grand Prix, as this event is held in the streets of Monaco. They made their own race track and labelled the cars with the correct colour and number position in French. It was so much fun!


Hello Yellow Day!

As a school, we celebrated Hello Yellow Day, which is the Young Mind's campaign which raises vital funds for children's mental health. The children had a lovely day of activities, focusing on what can help our minds be healthy and how we can support others.

They created positive mental health caps and decorated them. We looked at rules for good mental health that we can follow in the classroom and made more of an effort to stay positive throughout the day. 


Sports Leadership Training

The children have taken part in some training to be qualified as young sports leaders. They were taught the rules of a variety of PE activities and were able to teach other groups how to do them also. They had lots of fun and are now qualified sports leaders!

Year 5 - Sports Leader Training

Ruthless Romans!


The children are enjoying their focus on the Romans for history this half term. They are learning from their class text 'Queen of Darkness' about the famous leader Boudicca. They are going to know when the Romans came to Britain and how many of their inventions and changes have shaped Britain over time and creeated modern Britain. We can't wait for our trip to Segedunum Roman Fort to see the last parts of Hadrian's wall and take part in many workshops.