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Grangetown Primary

Year 4 - Mrs Millican

Welcome to Y4LM

Important things to remember:

* Please remember to bring in reading books and home/school diaries every day. They will be checked and signed every Monday.

* Football with Arj is on a Wednesday lunchtime. Please bring football kits to school to change into.

*  If you have music lessons, please remember your violin every Friday.

*  Our P.E. day is a Friday. Please ensure that ear rings are removed

* Learning at Home books should be returned on a Thursday and new work will be given out on a Friday.

* .Water bottles should be brought in to school every day.

13-17th June - Hidden Stories

This week, the Y4 children have been working each day with artist Ruth Mary Johnson. Together, they have explored the Hidden Stories of 1719. Taking inspiration from their visit to Holy Trinity Church in March where the children had the wonderful experience of handling artifacts from the past, they have used drama, creative writing and craft activities to create their own stories. 
We are looking forward to visiting Holy Trinity Church later this month to celebrate the conclusion of our project.

8th June - Sunderland Skipping Festival

The year 4 children had an amazing afternoon taking part in the Sunderland skipping festival. After weeks of practice and perseverance, the children have made amazing progress in their skipping skills and stamina. Children took part in either individual or group skipping competitions. Individual skills included single or double bounce, hop and swap, the cross over and the pretzel. Our team skippers used the long rope to jump in and out of. The children were amazing and many gained a bronze, silver or gold positions. Overall, Grangetown claimed bronze place. We all had a wonderful time!

18th May - Back house Park Leaf Investigation



The year 4 children became detectives today by classifying different leaves.  So that we could find a range of different varieties, we visited Backhouse Park. When we were there, we looked at the different trees, and tried to identify which tree it was by looking at it’s leaves. We looked carefully at the colour, shape and any special features that they had. When we got back to class, we sorted our leaves using a classification key.

26th April - Swimming at Southmoor

Today, the children had a fabulous afternoon when they began their set of swimming lessons at Southmoor. They all went into the water and demonstrated their fabulous abilities. The children completed a range of different activities including floated in or across the water, making starfish, swimming across the pool, holding their breaths as ‘mushrooms’ under the water and using noodles to swim on their front and back. The children all enjoyed themselves and are really looking forward to their next few weeks.

4th April - Y4 Science is Electric!




The year 4 children had a wonderful science afternoon investigating how to construct different circuits. They had the opportunity to fins and test how to use a number of different components including bulbs, buzzers and motors. They made a circuit with different numbers of cells and bulbs to see if there were any differences and used their circuits in light boxes that they had made as part of their Design Technology lessons. They used different switches and made their own switches using their understanding of materials that are conducts and materials that are insulators.

24th March - Holy Trinity Church 1719

The children had a wonderful day today when we visited Holy Trinity Church to introduce our project Hidden Stories: 300 years of Sunderland through the eyes of seventeen nineteen. We had an amazing tour of the beautifully building, finding out many different stories that had been found during it's recent restoration. The children then had the fantastic opportunity to carefully handle artefacts that had been found, answering and asking questions and then presenting their objects to the rest of the class. We concluded our visit with a very special performance from a fabulous quartet. We can't wait to continue our project in June.

23rd March - World Maths Day



To help celebrate World Maths Day, he children came to school dressed in an outfit which had a number, a shape or their favourite colour so that they could take part in some ‘human’ maths tasks throughout the day. Some of the children also brought in something from home to show that maths is all around us. In class, we found the area of our name by counting the squares. We read the book 'Just a Second' by Steve Jenkins and then predicted and tested ourselves to see what we could so in a minute, including making star jumps, singing Happy Birthday to you... and building tower blocks. The children also had the opportunity to use mathletics to challenge children in their mental maths from around the world. We all had a wonderful day learning all about how maths is so important!

17th February - Ancient Greek Day



To celebrate the end of our half term history topic, the Year 4 children took part in a Greek Day. Some of the children came to school dressed as a character from Ancient Greek times and others came dressed in the colours of the Greek flag. In the morning, we all made olive wreathes for us to wear on our heads. We then wrote our names using the Ancient Greek alphabet. We learned all about the importance of Greek temples and the different styles of columns. The children were then given the challenge of making their own temples - using limited supplies of paper and card. The challenge included designing a temple that would be able to hold a given weight. In the afternoon, the children designed their own Greek pots using the authentic orange and black colours. We ended our amazing day by watching the film about the Twelve labours of Hercules while the children tasted different foods that the Ancient Greeks would have eaten - including olives, figs, feta cheese and legumes. 

14th February - Skipping Workshop


Continuing our very physical day, in the afternoon, the children all took part in an introductory skipping workshop. The children were introduced to lots of different skipping skills including single and double bounce, side swing and cross over. The children also had the opportunity to jump in and out of the long ropes.

14th February - Handball 



This morning, the Year 4 children had a fabulous handball session. They were taught lots of different strategies and skills to help them to shoot and defend. After completing some practice activities, they all took part in handball games where they had a wonderful time. 

January 2022 - Leo and the Gorgon's Curse

For the first half of the Spring term, the year 4 children will be reading the wonderful book Leo and the Gorgon's Curse. They will use this to base all of their written work on and will write their own narrative linked to the book.

14th December 2021 - Christmas Party



The whole of key stage two held their Christmas party today! The children had a wonderful time dancing, playing games and eating their party food.

10th December 2021 - Pyjama Day


Today, the children in year 4 had a pyjama day! We all came to school dressed in our pyjamas - and to make it extra cosy, we had hot chocolate with marshmallows and cookies.

December 2021 - Data Handling



This half term in our computing lessons, we have been learning all about spreadsheets. The children have learned about cells and their references. They have changed the colour of the cells and have changed the grid line borders. Children have used different alignments, size and fonts. Using their newly learned knowledge, the children used spreadsheets in the Numbers app on their iPads to play Battleships, two multiplications games and organise information about different minibeasts that they researched. 

4th November 2021 - Visit to Hendon Beach


This half term, the Year 4 children are learning all about evaporation, condensation and the Water Cycle. During our experiment to find out in what conditions water evaporates faster, the children asked the question – does tap water and sea water evaporate at the same time? In order to investigate this, we decided to visit Hendon Beach so that that we could collect our own sea water. As the tide was in, we had to be very careful collecting the water! When we got back to school, the children devised their own experiment making it fair by measuring out the amount of water, putting the water in the same sized containers and placing them in the same place. We found that the sea water evaporated slightly faster than the tap water. We also found that the salt in the sea water did not evaporate! 

20th October 2021 - Harvest Assembly

Thank you so much to all of our wonderful parents and carers for supporting us in our Harvest assembly today. Thank you for your food donations and for joining us in school where the children all sang their Harvest song - Cauliflowers Fluffy - beautifully. 


11th October 2021 - Quicksticks Hockey

The year 4 children had a wonderful afternoon today when they took part n  Quicksticks Hockey workshop. They all learned how to control the hockey ball, dribbling between cones, stopping and passing it to a partner. The children then played in matches against each other.

8th October 2021 - Hello Yellow Day

The children dressed in yellow today and helped support World Mental Health Day.

23rd September 2021 - French Day

We had a wonderful day today celebrating French Day. We had a wonderful music lesson with Mr Renwick, drew pictures with different French landmarks with Madame Blackett and listened to stories read to us by Madame Paris. In class, we learned all about Switzerland as Switzerland is a French speaking country. We made our own books and tried some Swiss cheese and chocolate.

Autumn 1 - Walk Like an Egyptian

This half term in year 4, we are learning all about Ancient Egypt. We have found out all about when Ancient Egypt fits onto a timeline and how their social society is structured. We’re looking forward to finding out about pyramids, hieroglyphics and how the Egyptians worshiped Gods and Goddesses. We are reading some wonderful books - including Cinderella of the Nile and Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx - linked to our topic as a stimulus for our English work. In science, we have enjoyed learning all about solids, liquids and gases, carrying out experiments to find the weight of gas in carbonated drinks and testing what happens when substances are heated or cooled.