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Grangetown Primary

Year 3 - Miss Beetham & Mrs Bracknall

Welcome to Y3!

Some important reminders:

  • Our PE day is on a Thursday. Children can come to school already in their PE kit. Please ensure the correct PE kit is worn along with suitable non-marking footwear or plimsoles (not black soled trainers). Jewellery should not be worn on this day and please make sure hair is tied back.
  • Football with Arj over lunch time is on a Wednesday. Children need to bring their kit and spare trainers/football boots.
  • Reading books should be brought in everyday. Children are expected to read at home at least 3 times a week. Please sign your child's Home School Diary when you have listened to them read.
  • Home learning books should be returned on a Thursday and will be sent back out on a Friday.
  • Please can you ensure that your child has their name in their school uniform, PE kit and coats. There are always many left in the classroom and around school and it is hard to identify their owner.
  • Every Friday we have Fruity Fantasy at playtime. Children can bring money to buy a snack but no more than 60p is needed for this.


Year 3 had a fantastic final session at Holy Trinity Church and the Donnison School, as part of our Seascapes project. The children created seaside pictures using clay and they interviewed their volunteers about visits to the beach in the past. In the afternoon, they created beach postcards and used a variety of fabrics to design and make a character based on outfits worn in the past. We are so proud of how hard the children have worked throughout the sessions.


Walk Like an egyptian!

Year 3 had a fantastic Egyptian themed day as part of our learning in History and English. Y3 was transformed into ancient Egypt for the day, and the classroom was filled with ancient Egyptian Kings and Queens. To start the day, they painted their very own Egyptian collars that they wore proudly. They learned about the gruesome act of mummification and even enjoyed pretending to mummify one of their classmates! To become real ancient Egyptians, they learned how to read and write in hieroglyphics. They enjoyed tasting Egyptian bread and learning about Howard Carter, who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen. 

Marvelous Mathematicians

To celebrate 'World Maths Day' Y3 attended school dressed in clothes that have a link with maths. They also all brought in items to show that maths is everywhere. Some of the items were shopping receipts, recipes and calendars. The children enjoyed sharing their items from home. One of the children brought in a dart board which inspired a game of class darts where the children had to add using the formal method. The children looked fantastic and all discussed how fun maths is.

Learning at home project - magents

In Science, Y3 were learning all about magnets. They were identifying magnetic objects and learning about the different poles on a magnet. Their home project was to make a magnetic game. Children brought back their projects to school and showcased them to the class. The projects where fantastic and the children were very creative with their final productions. 

ISland survival day

After learning all about the Galapagos Islands in English, the children were very excited to carry out their island survival workshop. Rob from Wilderness ran our workshop which taught the children a range of survival skills. They learned all about the importance of fire and even had a go at making their own fire! As a little snack before lunch, they had a taste test of... insects! They ate cooked mealworms and crickets and learned that they have a high level of protein. They then discussed how to make water safe to drink. They made their own water filters and cleaned the water. The also made a shelter using poles, tarpaulin and string. They worked well as a team to build their dens. I think Y3 are ready for an island adventure! 


Backhouse Park

On Monday 13th December the children got wrapped up and went off to Backhouse Park. When we arrived we followed the fairy trail, spotting fairy doors and houses. They were hidden everywhere! The children also found a worry tree and told it their worries. After playing in the park, the children explored the surrounding area and spotted parakeets and even heard a woodpecker. They enjoyed a hot chocolate afterwards to help warm up. A lovely festive treat! 


Stone age

We have been learning about the Stone Age in History. In Art we learned about cave paintings and how and why they were created. We had a go at creating our own cave art inspired by the examples we found after researching. Don't they look lovely? 


Our trip to Broomhouse Farm

We had a fantastic trip to Broomhouse Farm. We enjoyed learning about the animals and how the farmers take care of them. The children were very impressed when the sheepdog guided 190 sheep into the pen and the shepherd counted them in 8s! We all got a chance to see giant pigs feeding their baby piglets. Some of them were only 8 weeks old. They were very cute. Of course the lunch break was a favourite part for many children. The children were very well behaved and we have been invited back for a chance to explore the forest in Spring.