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Grangetown Primary

Year 2 - Mrs Roberts

Key Information

  • PE is on a Friday
  • Reading books should be brought into school everyday
  • Reading books will be changed on a Monday
  • We expect children to read at least 3 times per week
  • Children will bring home learning jobs home on a Friday and they should be completed and returned no later than the following Thursday


Comics in Computing

We have investigated common features of comic strips, before learning how to create our own digital comic. We used an online webpage to create and edit our comic over a series of weeks. We edited our backgrounds and inserted characters as well as adding speech or thought bubbles.


Map Skills in Geography

We have loved their Summer Term Geography unit where we learned all about different physical features. We then located some physical features in the UK on a map, before using our computing skills to direct the beebots to them too. We then took on the role of a geographer and created a map of Sunderland, complete with local physical and human features.


World Maths Day

For World Maths Day, Y2 learned all about symmetry in shape. We created our own symmetrical butterflies using paint and we only needed to paint half of the butterfly. We then folded it in half and unfolded it to reveal our very own symmetrical butterfly.


Gymnastics at AAA


Year 2 had a fantastic afternoon when we visited AAA sports. The children were warmly welcomed and split into 2 groups. We then got the chance to try out lots of different gymnastics equipment. These included the parallel bars, the beam, springboard and horse. A firm favourite was the large trampolines where the children learnt how to do various jumps and a seat drop. 


HealthyBods come to Grangetown











KS1 were very lucky to have a visit from the HealthyBods recently. A group of dance students from Sunderland University put on a performance for the children all about the importance of staying healthy both physically and mentally. They touched on subjects such as sleep, families, healthy eating and emotions. The children then had the opportunity to take part in a dance workshop where they played games and practised their dancing skills. We all had a fantastic afternoon and would like to say a big thank you to HealthyBods. We hope they return to Grangetown soon.


Art in Action

This half term we have been learning how to use different pencils to create shade and tones. We have been inspired by the artist Dennis Creffield and his drawings of buildings. We began by practising using different variations of pencils to see the different tones they created. We then moved onto using trying to recreate some of Dennis Creffield’s work in our sketch books. When it came to creating our own piece of artwork we were inspired by the gas tanks in our local area. We though these would be fantastic to show off our new pencil skills if we could draw them. The children took photographs and selected a specific part of the tanks using a view finder. They then carefully sketched and shaded their work. See the final pieces displayed in our classroom.


Disgusting Science!

As part of our science topic ‘Animals including humans’ we have looked at the importance of having good hygiene and how this can keep us healthy and well. We carried out an experiment to see why it is really important to wash our hands regularly.

We started with a slice of bread and rubbed our unwashed hands all over it. We then sealed this inside a food bag. Next we washed our hands thoroughly with soap and warm water and rubbed them on another slice of bread. We sealed this one in another bag. We pinned our bread to the wall and observed the changes of the next 2 weeks. The children predicted that the slice with our dirty hands on would grow mould the fastest. This is exactly what happened! The results were horrifying! See the pictures below to see the results.