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Grangetown Primary

year 2 - Mrs Mitchell


Important things to Remember...

  • Our PE day is a Tuesday. 
  • Please ensure that you remember to bring your water bottle into school everyday so we can keep you hydrated and ready to learn.
  • Reading books should be brought to school everyday.
  • Reading books will be changed on a Monday.
  • Children should be reading at least 3 times a week at home. 
  • Home learning tasks will be given out on a Friday and we ask if they could be completed and returned no later than the following Thursday. 


Harry watts

Year 2 have been learning about a forgotten local hero called Harry Watts. He was a sailor and then later in life became a diver, who saved many saves through his bravery and heroism. We had the opportunity to visit Sunderland Museum to see his medals and the medieval canoe that he found. The children impressed the staff during our workshop, describing Harry's life in great detail. We are busy writing some fabulous non chronological reports about him in English, using all of the facts that we have learned. 

Year 2 Sunderland Museum trip


position and direction







We are currently learning about position and direction in Maths and we have had so much fun during our first week of this unit. We began the week by playing a variety of board games and we were using lots of positional language to describe where the playing pieces were, where they needed to move to, how they could win the game and while discussing strategies.

year two get physical

We loved learning all about physical features in Geography and we found different physical features in the UK. We linked our Geography to Computing when we used the beebots to direct them to physical features in the UK. We then created our own maps of Sunderland and plotted local physical and human features.

cresstastic growing


We have been enjoying investigating plants in Science. This week, we have been checking the progress of our cress seeds that we planted. We placed cress seeds in three pots and we put them in 3 different places in our classroom. We wanted to find out how the amount of light would affect the growth of the seeds. The cress that was in full light on the windowsill was the most bushy and a luscious green.

Super sewing


We showed off our fantastic sewing skills in Design Technology. We were able to create our own Easter decoration using felt and we sewed, stuffed and decorated them too.


Great Fire of London


We learned so much about The Great Fire of London and we got into character when we captured a freeze frame of one of the key events. We created a beautiful silhouette picture in Art which formed the focal point of our reports that we created in English and History.


Tri Golf

We had a tee-rific time taking part in a tri golf session and we learned many skills through a variety of games that helped us when we were introduced to the golf club and ball.


French day

We loved taking part in French day and enjoyed creating art inspired by the Belgian artist Magritte. We focused on the country Belgium as all classes learned about a different French speaking country. We also had lots of fun drawing famous landmarks and listening to stories in French.