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Grangetown Primary

RECEPTION - Miss Barnett

things to remember

Please try to bring your books every day, 1 to 1 reading takes place across the week. 

Water bottles should be brought every day so the children can independently access water, we are active in school all the time so they need to be drinking! 

We have recently started a new phonic scheme in Grangetown called: 

Click below to find out more! 

Monster Phonics

There are 10 different characters that we learn about in Monster Phonics. They all help us remember the different rules and sounds we need to learn to help us to read. Here is a video that we watch in school of all the monsters! 

The different monsters relate to different sounds which we will be learning in more depth as we move through the phases. The 'Black cat' sounds are the ones we have been learning so far along with Tricky witch casting her spells! Tricky Witch changes the sound a letter makes e.g. the 'f' in 'of' makes a sound like a 'v' rather than the 'f' sound.

Each monster has a special colour and their sounds will appear in that colour. 

Angry A - His colour is read and his sounds is said like you would say the letter name A

Green Froggy - Her colour is green and her sound is said like "eeeeee"

Yellow I - Her colour is yellow and her sound is said like "eye"

Miss Oh No - Her colour is pink and her sound is said "oh"

U-Hoo - His colour is purple and his sound is said like "hoo"

Cool Blue - His colour is blue and his sound is said like "oo"

Brown Owl - His colour is brown and his sound is said like "ow"

Silent Ghost - Their letters are white and we don't pronounce these letters (silent letters)

Tricky Witch - Her colour is gold and she changes the sounds of our letters! The sound will be different depending on which word she has cast her spell on. 

Black Cats - Their colour is black and they are the phonemes we have been learning in school and each letter has their own sound.

 In phase 2 we are only looking at black cat sounds and a few tricky witch spells but as we are now leaning phase 3 our other monsters will be showing the children their special sounds very soon! 



Autumn Term 1 - Marvellous Me!  

This half term is all about celebrating what makes us unique and special, and finding things we have in common too. We will get to know each other and our new room and prepare for all the exciting activities to come! 

Week 1 - Getting Settled

We have taken time to get to know each other this week! We have decided on our golden rules for Reception: 

  1. We are polite to everyone
  2. We always have kind hands, feet and words.
  3. We take turns and share.
  4. We listen carefully to others.
  5. We always look after everything in our school.
  6. We use walking feet and indoor voices

Tasting lots of different foods gave us some great discussion about our likes and dislikes! We also used the characters from Inside Out to help us talk about different emotions and when we might feel these different ways - and how we can deal with them. 

Week 2 - Selfies and Tastebuds!

This week we used technology to take our own selfies, then used these photos to help us paint our own self portraits. 


We also used all our senses to explore some different tastes, savory (a crisp), sweet (a chocolate button) and sour (a lemon). Using a pictogram we all voted which was our favourite! I bet you can guess which it was!

Week 3 - French Day

Bon Jour! We had our french day this week! We all wore red, white and blue and explored facts about France and its capital city, Paris! We even had some crossiants to try some french baking! 

We also thought about our birthdays! How do we celebrate them? What do they mean and  how old we are getting! 

Week 4 - Three Little Pigs

This week we have been exploring the story of the three little pigs! We have been trying to remember how the story goes and have been acting it out in our PE lessons. 

We changed the characters and started to write our own version of the story, what do you think? 

Once upon a time there were three little dogs. Mammy dog said their house was too small so they had to go. The first little dog built his house of paper. The second little dog built her house of boxes. The third little dog built their house of metal. 

Then the big bad crocodile came. "Little dogs, little dogs, let me come in!" "Not by the hair on our whiskers!" "I'll snap and I'll swish and I'll eat you all up!"

In maths we have begun to think about matching and sorting and finding patterns.

Week 5 - Backhouse Park

We had a wonderful walk to the park this week, looking at all our autumn changes! We had so much fun in the outdoors, eating our fruit, playing in the park and exploring all the leaves! 

Week 6 - Counting and Cake

Harvest Festival is next week so we have been very busy making sure we know our amazing Harvest songs ready to sing to you all! 

We also have been working on our 1:1 counting and had to make our very own cakes making sure to follow the instructions so that it went correctly! 

We've also became pattern detectives and have been making and searching for patterns everywhere - we started by watching this video: 

Week 7 - Halloween! 

We have started our Halloween fun this week. 

Autumn Term 2 - Destination Celebration

This half term the topic is celebrations! Lots of important dates are coming up and we will be learning about why and how they are all celebrated! 

Anti-Bullying Week 15th - 19th November

Our whole week was based around being kind to each other and the book 'Kind'

Monday - Odd Sock Day! 

We celebrated being different by wearing odd socks and having a look at everybody else's wonderful combinations of colours! 

Tuesday - Random Act of Kindness

We decorated some lovely smiley face biscuits to give to Year 5 as our random act of kindness, the children were very excited to deliver them.  

Wednesday - Kindness Activities

We thought hard about the people in our class and we came up with some lovely compliments and kind things to say to each other - we will be making a display out of all our kind words. 

Thursday - Pass the Smile 

Thursday we recorded ourselves smiling at each other, it is always such a lovely activities and gets lots of giggles - we will have a video of our whole school smiling at each other soon! 

Friday - Class Swap and Children in Need. 

We thought about how words can help or hurt people so easily today. We listened to 'one kind word' all together. 

We all came up with something lovely and kind to say about one of our friends. To celebrate children in need we also made Pudsey Biscuits! 

Our Christmas Nativity 

Our EYFS nativity will take place on Thursday 9th December at 9:15 am

Christmas is fast approaching and we have lots of songs to learn for our end of year Nativity! We have 9 songs to learn which is a lot of words for little ones! We will link some of the songs here so you can practice at home!

Click the title to hear the song. We've sent home the lyrics with your child's part written in the back too! Some children will have some lines to learn, but not everyone will be speaking - if your child isn't speaking they will still have an important role in the performance. We have snowflakes, angels, shepherds, sheep, various stable animals, Mary, Joseph, and wise men!

We will all be singing all the songs. 

If your child is speaking they will get their lines to practice very soon. 

Whoops-a-daisy Angel

We're so Angelic

Six Little Snowflakes

I have to Fly to Bethlehem

You will find a Baby

The First Christmas Day

Whoops-a-daisy Angel Reprise

 Spring Term 1 - Superheroes! 

Happy new year and welcome back to Reception! This half term our topic is Superheroes! We will be starting off thinking about real life super heroes who help us and then moving on to the superheroes we all know and love! 

We have explored lots of real life heroes such as police, nurses, cleaners, shop workers, and our families for looking after us. We have thought lots about how these people make our lives so much better! We then moved on to thinking about our favourite comic book heroes and even had fun designing our own! 

Spring 2 - Animal Madness! 

This term has been everything animal! 

We have been looking at a very entertaining book called "The story of the little mole who knew it was none of his business." 

Our Farm Trip

We had an amazing time at Hall Hill Farm - All the children enjoyed themselves so much and were so well behaved. We got to cuddle rabbits and guinea pigs, feed some baby lambs, hold some tiny chicks, feed some cows, got to ride on a tractor and play on the playground! 

Summer  1 - Down at the Bottom of the Garden 

This term we are thinking about growing, plants and mini beasts! 

Our stories this term are: It starts with a seed , Ten seeds and Jack and the Beanstalk! 



This term we have been going more in depth with our learning and thinking about writing our own versions of one of our core stories! We've also been writing book reviews of our stories and discussing if and why we like the stories that we have been reading. 

In maths we are using our ten frames and number lines to look at simple addition and subtraction. We are physically moving counters on our ten frame to add more or take away. A tens frame looks like this:

We use these to be able to see quickly how many counters we have and the children are so confident with using them.

Summer 2 - Under the Sea

We are Writers:



We will start this term looking at Tiddler by Julia Donaldson, and look at rhyming patterns within the text and create some of our own rhymes. Taking inspiration from the fish Tiddler who likes to tell stories we will also be creating lots of stories as a class - practicing using full sentences and our phonics to help us write them. 

When we look at the brilliant Commotion in the Ocean we will be using it to further inspire us to create our own versions and to give a lot of meaning to our writing as we create fun fact files with facts we have learnt about the under water creatures. 

Home for Hermit Crab will be used as a Talk for Writing stimulus where we will learn the text, using actions and story maps, before changing specific parts of it to make it our own. 

We are Mathematicians:

We are looking at doubling, sharing and halving this term. The children are learning a brilliant rhyming song to help with our doubles to 10, I'm sure they would love to show any adults that ask! 

1 and 1 is 2, tap it on your shoe.

2 and 2 is 4, tap it on the floor.

3 and 3 is 6, do some finger clicks.

4 and 4 is 8, show it to your mate.

5 and 5 is 10, let's do it all again!

We are also working out fair ways to share and how to make sure that we have done it correctly, which will link into halving as a special way of sharing. We are going to start to think about odd and even numbers and what this means for sharing.

We are Changing:

Our PSHE this term we are thinking about how we are changing as we are getting bigger and bigger! We are learning about our bodies, how to make sure we care for them at to keep them safe.

We are a team:

In PE this term we are looking at ways to improve teamwork and skills to help us play team sports. We will be learning ball skills and technical skills on how to run and move more effectively. 

We are nearly year one!

We will also be doing lots of transition activities in this term, where we are going to be visiting our new classroom, talking about the changes and preparing for a new set of teachers.