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Grangetown Primary

Little Butterflies Nursery

Welcome to our nursery!

Little Butterflies Nursery began their journey in September 2018. We had 7 lovely children and 2 key workers - Charlotte and Rachael. Since then, we are proud to say, our Nursery has grown and we now offer both morning and afternoon sessions for 2 year old children. We have also welcomed a new staff member to our team - Daphne - along with 22 new children this year!

At Little Butterflies Nursery we aim to provide a safe, happy and stimulating environment for our children to explore and investigate. We believe that by providing support, praise and encouragement, the children will be able to flourish and reach their full potential. 

To ensure the best possible start for the children we follow a play based approach to learning in line with the Early Years Foundation stage curriculum. By closely observing the interests of our children, our practitioners are able to create a fun, stimulating and meaningful learning environment that sparks curiosity and encourages independence. 


Charlotte - Room Lead 

Rachael - Deputy Room Lead 


Daphne - Nursery Nurse 


Little Butterflies provided places for 2 year old children. As we work to a ratio of 1:4 we are able to offer 12 morning places and 8 afternoon places. We also provide full days to a limited amount of children depending on availability. 

For families who are eligible, we offer FREE 15 hour places. Families have the option to choose either Morning/afternoon sessions or if it is more suitable 2.5 days. If you choose the 2.5 days and you would like your child to have a school lunch there will be a £2.20 charge or is you wish to provide a packed lunch you can. 

We also have 3 different intakes throughout the year for funded children which are September, January and April. when your child turns 2 they will be able to start the following term. For paid places your child can start the day after there 2nd birthday.

Please be aware that if your child has a school Lunch you will have to add the £2.20 charge to your final cost. 

Session  Time  Daily Rate  Weekly Rate 
AM 8:45 - 11:45 £15 £75
PM 12:30 - 3:30 £15 £75
Full Day  8:45 - 3:30  £30 £150


We do encourage and promote good attendance and punctuality as it is very important and has a direct effect on your child's learning journey. Please see below our session times:

AM Session - 8:45 - 11:45 

PM Session - 12:30 - 3:30 

Full Day - 8:45 - 3:30 


We provide a variety of delicious and nutritious snacks for the children including fresh fruit, toast and pancakes. We also offer a range of drinks such as milk, and fresh fruit juice. If your child has any dietary requirements please inform a member of staff and we can find an alternative. 


Sharing your children's progress and achievements are vitally important to us. There are a range of ways that we communicate your child's progress with you: 

  • Monthly newsletters/ weekly updates
  • Termly parent/ teacher consultations 
  • Tapestry - Our online Learning Journeys: When you filled out your registration forms it would have included a letter about Tapestry and an accompanying consent form. We will create a secure account with the details you provide that enables us to upload photographs, observations and reports relating to your child's time with us. As a parent this allows you to view exciting achievements via a computer or smart phone. 
  • Open Door Policy: All of our staff are happy to answer any queries or questions during drop off and pick up times. More lengthy meeting can be arranged usually for that week or you can also email and phone us at any time.


 Could we remind parents and cares to bring the following in their child's bag:

  • Spare clothes - top, trousers, underwear, socks ect 
  • Extra spare clothes if your child is toilet training 
  • A water bottle 
  • Nappies, wipes and cream 
  • Wellies - these can be left at nursery 
  • Slippers - these can be left at nursery 
  • Hat, scarf and gloves in the winter 
  • Sun hat, sunglasses and sun cream in the spring/ summer. 

 This Years Activities 

May 2022 - Down at the bottom of the garden 

This half term the Little Butterflies have enjoyed spending more time in the garden looking for mini beasts and planting flowers. We were inspired by our core story 'Sam plants a Sunflower' to plant our very own sunflowers. We filled our plant pots with compost and popped in a sunflower seed. Then, we added a little more compost and gave it some water before finding a nice sunny spot in our garden to help our seeds grow. After a couple of weeks of caring for our sunflowers they started to sprout, just like in the story! At the moment they have small green leaves. We can't wait to continue to care for our sunflowers and see what other changes they will go though before flowering. We wonder whose sunflower will grow the tallest? 

April 2022 - Easter Extravaganza

The children have enjoyed celebrating Easter in Little Butterflies Nursery. We have been reading an Easter themed story called 'We're going on an egg hunt'. The children enjoyed lifting the flaps to find the eggs. We thought it would be a good idea to have a very own Easter egg hunt in our garden. The children were very excited and enjoyed finding all of the different chocolate eggs which the Easter Bunny hid. He hid them very well, but our Little Butterflies are very good hunting especially when its for chocolate eggs. We also made some chocolate egg nest cakes which the children took home to eat.  

March 2022 - The wheels on the bus go round and round!

This half term our new topic is 'The wheels on the bus go round and round' its all about vehicles. We decided to create this topic as the children have shown lots of interest in different vehicles, what they are used for and what noises they make. We decided to start our new topic of with a bang, with a local bus trip. Our afternoon children took a bus to the local bus interchange (Parklane Interchange) we saw lots of different busses parked up. As the weather was a little better for our Morning children we took a bus to our local park (Backhouse Park) the children got to explore the park and see the spring changes. Both groups of children really enjoyed their experience on the bus and were very well behaved. 

February 2022 - Once upon a time!

This half term our topic is 'Once upon a time'. We have been exploring some stories such as, 'The three little pigs' the children have enjoyed reading the story with our interactive story basket. They have been using the different props to retell different parts of the stories. They have been using the big bad wolf and saying "I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down!". 

Butterfly Baker's 

One of our other favourite stories has been 'The Gingerbread man', the children have become very familiar with the story. We decided to create our very own bakers shop in our role play area. The children have enjoyed using the play dough and cake cases to pretend to bake cakes. We decided that we would bake our own cakes with the children has they have shown lots of interest. We baked fairy cakes, the children used the scales to weigh out the ingredients, then added them to the mixing bowl where they mixed everything together to create a cake batter. The best part was of course eating the delicious cakes. 

January 2022 - Welcome back!

We would like to welcome back our returning little butterflies and their families, but we would also like to wish our new families a very warm welcome to the butterfly gang. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year. Our returning children have been brilliant role models for our new children and have been helping welcome our new children into their new nursery environment. Our new little butterflies have been settling in nicely, finding their feet, exploring the learning environments and building those important relationships with their key workers. 

December 2021 - Christmas Extravaganza!

Letters to Santa 

The Little Butterflies are very excited because they know that Santa will be on his way very soon. We have had such an exciting December full of Christmas crafts. The children have been busy writing their letters to Santa and telling us what what they would like. This activity has been a great way to promote and encourage the children's communication and language skills. Following on from writing our letters to Santa, we decided to take a leisurely walk to our post box which is located on Ryhope Road. We saw some lovely Christmas decorations displayed on the houses as we walked along Stratford Avenue. The children were very well behaved on our walk and we are very proud of them!

 Christmas crafts parent workshop/singalong 

We had a lovely Christmas craft workshop with our children and their families, everyone took part in different Christmas crafts such as making reindeer dust, Christmas cards, Christmas wreaths and salt dough decorations. It was lovely to see the children happy and engaged accessing the different crafts with their parents and carers. We ended the workshop with a lovely Christmas singalong, our little butterflies sang their hearts out and it really got us all in the Christmas sprite. The children enjoyed the some lovely warm hot chocolate with some cream and marshmallows. We would like to say a huge thank you our parents and carers for you continued support!

 November 2021 - We are KIND!

What a fun filled month we have had with our Little Butterflies. We had a whole school project focused around the word 'Kind' for anti bullying week, we were super busy with lots of different fun and exciting activities we had planned with the children. We made kindness stars which we are going to hang in our foyer for our parents/carers to see. whilst making the stars the children told us how they are kind to one another at nursery. We also made a colourful hand print for our whole school display which looks brilliant. We have some kindness jars which the children have really responded well to and look forward to putting their raffle tickets into the jar if they have been kind at nursery. We ended the week with a sing and dance to the song 'This is me' to encourage the meaning of, be proud of who you are, everyone is different. We are so proud of who kind and caring our youngest members of the school are, keep up the good work Little Butterflies children! 

 October 2021

Since our Little Butterflies have settled so well into Nursery we have decided to explore our local area. We have been to the Premier shop on Ryhope Road to buy some snack for the children. The children were extremely well behaved, holding hands with their partner and listening carefully to the instructions. We also had a visit to Backhouse Park where we rolled down hills and climbed up the secret staircase, it was very exciting!

To end our half term Little Butterflies our harvest songs for all our wonderful parents/ carers in the hall. We had a great time with Big Nursery and Reception for our Halloween party. We got dressed up as spooky monsters, played party games and ate all the delicious party food. What a wonderful first half term, we cant wait to see what the next half term brings!


 September 2021

We have had a lovely first few weeks with our Little Butterflies. We have been settling in our new members of the family and concentrating on building those important bonds and relationships with our new children and their families. We are so proud of our returning little butterfly children, as they have been brilliant kind, caring role models for our new children. This half term our topic has been 'All about me' the children have enjoyed being creative and creating their own self portraits with paint. The children have brought in some lovely family photos which we have all enjoyed looking at and talking about people who are special to us. This has been a great activity for promoting lots of communication and language skills with the children. We look forward to creating lots more exciting memories with our Little Butterfly gang throughout the year!