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Grangetown Primary

Year 5 - Miss McLoughlin

Dates for Your Diary

  • The children will have PE every Tuesday afternoon.  They need to have with them in school their school PE kit (white t-shirt, blue or black shorts and suitable footwear).  They could also bring a water bottle.
  • The children should bring into school everyday, their school reading book and their blue home reading record.  When the children are heard reading in school, this will be recorded in their book and when you hear them read at home, you can record your comments.

Summer Term 1

Marvellous Mayans 

This term our topic is 'Marvellous Mayans' and is all about the ancient civilisation of the Maya people who lived in the area that is now central America.  The children will be learning which modern day countries the Mayan people lived in and how we know so much about them.  They will also learn about how the Mayan society was organised and their day to day life, such as education.  They will find about their alphabet and number system.  In Art, they will make a Mayan tile  and a clay pot using Mayan patterns and images.  They will look at what the Mayan people ate and make some Mayan style food.  The children will read a Mayan folktale and use that to write a discussion text in English.  


In other subjects, this half term, the children will be learning about plants and the life cycles of animals in Science.  In Computing, the children will be using Scratch programming to code and in PE, the children will be developing the skills to play Kwik Cricket.

The Dot

To bring the whole school together, after Lockdown, all of the children read the book 'The Dot', and completed work around it.  We began by thinking about what the book might be about from the front cover and then after reading the story, the children wrote a diary entry as though they were the main character Vashti.  These were then copied up neatly to be used in a class display.  Vashti in the book paints dots and so the children designed their own dots, which are also to be used in our display.  Each class were given a different colour and they had to paint and decorate a dot in that colour to form part of a whole school display.  We had the colour red and we are looking forward to seeing our dots in the whole school display.

The Dot Class Display


World Book Day

At the end of our first week back at school, the children celebrated World Book Day.  The children had a great time designing their own t-shirts around their favourite book or book character.  We had everything from The Cat in the Hat, to Harry Potter and The Witches.  The children also designed their own bookmarks and designed their own character.

World Book Day