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Grangetown Primary

Year 5 - Mrs BUDDLE

health week 2021!

HEALTH WEEK 2021- We have had an amazing start to the week with a fantastic session from 'Change For Life' on the importance of healthy eating which the children were both interested and shocked by- who knew a can of Coca-Cola had eighteen teaspoons of sugar in it! 

We had an absolutely phenomenal session with Danielle in dance where the children really showed the teacher and Mrs Buddle just how co-ordinated, flexible and confident they are creating and performing an in-time routine with panache!

We have also had the opportunity to try 'Tri-golf' which was a huge success with a lot of the children finishing the session eager to do more golf.

The mile a day challenge has been a great opportunity to see just how motivated or more awake we all are after a run around the field in the fresh air. This is something, as a class, we think we will try to continue!

Tomorrow is our Sports Day at 1pm Thursday 1st of July and we all cannot WAIT! PLEASE COME DOWN AND CHEER US ALONG!



As part of our 'Raging Rivers' topic we have been investigating rivers, reading the wonderful 'The River' by Marc Martin and creating our own river journey story and we have even gone on a wonderful trip to Harehope Quarry. The children were able to investigate the width, depth and speed of the current in the river Wear , close to it's source in a valley position and then compare and contrast this width, depth and speed with the same river in a more mountainous location. The children had a superb day, listening carefully to both the wonderful instructors and having a huge amount of fun splashing around in and by the side of the river in their wellington boots!


The children also created some wonderful designs based on two different geographical locations in which rivers can be found. They then turned these designs into prints using polystyrene, a sharp pencil, paint rollers and paint. They chose contrasting colours to make the differences in the locations stand out more. We had a lot of fun using this technique and would all love to try more printing!


printingrivers1                printingrivers2



To finish off a wonderful time on our topic of the Mayans, Year 5CB and AM spent the last day of term having a wonderful Mayan experience. We started off the day designing and making Mayan masks and decorating them with paint, adding headresses for all who wanted with feathers and a range of materials. The colours and ideas were fantastic!

We then went on to making Mayan calendars, watching a wonderful Mayan temple light show from Chichen Itza which inspired poetry, drawings and beautiful descriptions. The children also prepared, made and tasted the traditional Mayan delicacy of guacamole and tortillas and sipped on spicy hot chocolate- xocatl in Mayan. They were both a big hit!! We all had a wonderful day and it was a fitting end to a hard-working half term. Have a look at some of the fun below:







 Thank you again parents and carers for ALLL your wonderful support this half-term. I appreciate it so much and I look forward to returning to a productive, fun-filled final half term. I wish all Y5CB a safe, fun-filled week's break!



The children in Year 5 are lucky enough to have been given the chance to restart their swimming lessons! Next week 5CB will be heading to Silksworth Sports Centre for 5 weeks of swim training with two qualified instructors. The children will leave at 1.00pm and will return before the end of the school day. 

They will need:

  • a suitable swimming costume
  • a towel
  • a bag to put wet things in.

Any child who requires an inhaler must have it in school that day to be able to go swimming.

The children are all extremely excited about this fantastic opportunity to work on such an important life skill-the ability to swim!

Mystical Mayans TOPIc


On returning after Easter we have embarked upon our new topic for this term-the mystical Mayans!The children have located where the Mayan civilization lived and what countries this now encompasses in modern day. We have studied their everyday life, the jobs they might do and how society in Mayan times was organised. This week, after spending some time on our designs, we managed to create our very own Mayan clay tile with a range of stunning, intricate designs; each individual to the children but all Mayan style! The children are all enjoying this topic so far and looking forward to learning more about how Mayans worked together or the battles they fought, what they ate and their lives in general.

Check out our Mayan tilework below and some of the wonderful designs:





After a tough second lockdown for all, it has been fantastic to have all children back to school and back to some normality. It has been a total pleasure as their new teacher to get to know all the wonderful children in year 5CB, they are all so great! We have had a busy two and a half weeks with lots of lovely activities to break up the toll of starting back to full-time school again for many.

We celebrated World Book Day with some beautiful diary writing on a book that the whole school focused on for the week in English- The Dot by Peter H Reynolds.



We also had the chance to design our very own t-shirts with our favourite book covers, blurb and characters on Friday of this week.

Take a peek at some below:



 We also raised money for Comic Relief by all being lucky enough to wear non-uniform for the day Friday 19th of March with donations. I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all parents and carers for this and for helping children settle back into all their routines, remembering reading books, P.E kits and adjusting to all the changes too!Thank you so very much!!

Easter Coming up!

As we head towards Easter break, I just wanted to remind you of a few important things happening this week.

On Wednesday the children have been asked to bring in a hard boiled egg so they can design and create their own 'eggstra' special character to enter in the Easter Egg competition. There will be one winner per class. I know the children have already made plans for what they might need for their designs and I am excited to see their results.

Friday will be a 1pm pick up for the children too in order to ensure all cleaning, preparation and planning is done for the Summer term.