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Grangetown Primary

Year 1 - Miss Stell



  • PE is on a Friday. Please can all children bring a full PE kit including shoes to school which will be kept on their peg and returned home at the end of each half term. All earrings and jewellery should be removed on PE days. 

  • Children should bring their reading book to school each day so that they can read with an adult once weekly. Children should read three times per week at home. 

  • All children should bring a water bottle to school. This can be refilled at school during the day. 

Visit to Fuzzy Ed's Softplay - 28.6.21

As part of Health week we enjoyed a visit to Fuzzy Ed's soft play. We had  very active morning with lots of jumping, climbing, reaching, balancing, pulling, sliding, swinging, crawling and exploring. The children were very well behaved and were excellent role models for our school. 

Visit to Buddhist Meditation Centre - 8.6.21

Today we were very lucky to be able to visit a Buddhist Meditation Centre in Newcastle. The building was beautiful and we were amazed by how big it was inside. We enjoyed learning how to meditate and enjoyed watching a video about the story of Buddha. We were lucky to be able to meet three Monks who showed us the clothing that they wear and brought with them some of their special belongings to show us. We were amazed by the umbrella that can be slept under outdoors in warm countries. The children were all very well behaved and fantastic role models for our school. 


Back House Park - 27.5.21

The children really enjoyed their visit to the park. We had a lovely walk around and identified many features of spring. We spotted lots of different leaves and types of trees. We also enjoyed playing on the park before we returned to school. 

Making our own game - 26.5.21

Over the past few weeks we have been designing and making our own games. We used a cardboard box to create the base and decorated it with paint. We used pipe cleaners to create the maze and each made a small ball out of clay. We really enjoyed putting it all together. 

Summer 1 - A journey through time

This half term we have really enjoyed our topic all about old and new toys. We have been learning about the toys that our parents and grandparents used to play with and have been comparing them to our own toys. We have been learning about materials and which materials our toys are made from now. We carried out an experiment to test the properties of a range of materials. 

WALKWISE - 18.5.21

On Tuesday we had a lovely first walkwise session where we were learning all about road safety. We talked about the different types of traffic on the roads and learnt the green cross code. 

Mental Health Awareness Week - 13.5.21 

This week we enjoyed going out onto the school field and taking part in some well being activities. We lay on the grass and looked up at the clouds. We blew bubbles and tried to catch them. It was lovely being outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air. 

Spring 2 - Glorious Gardens 

This half term we have enjoyed our science topic all about plants. We have enjoyed getting out into our school grounds and exploring. We took out our clipboards and identified many wild flowers that were growing on our school field. We enjoyed it so much that we went back around to identify different types of trees by looking at their leaves. We have also planted our own beans and cress seeds which we have watched grow over the last few weeks. 

Planting seeds

World Book Day 12.3.21

For world book day we enjoyed decorating our own t-shirts. We thought about our designs carefully and each drew images from our favourite book. Miss Stell then ironed them onto our t-shirts and we used sharpie pens to add a few additional designs. We were so pleased with the finished results! 

The Dot 12.3.21

As part of a whole school project we read a lovely story called 'The Dot'. we each created our own dot which was then places on a display with all of the dots from across school. We were very proud of our work.