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Grangetown Primary

A Busy Day in Reception

8:40 - 9:00

Arriving at school, washing our hands and doing our busy morning jobs.

Morning jobs could be practicing our names, formation of our letters, building, Jumpstart Jonny, or board games!

9:00 Register. 

Morning Routines

Every morning we sing our days of the week song and work out what day it is. We go through our timetable of what we are going to do today and we count all the children we have in. 


Morning Carpet Time

Here we sit all together on the carpet and have input from the teacher. We almost always get physically involved in the learning during this time. Most days we learn Maths in the morning. 


Indoor Choosing Time

Here we have a choice over where we play. The adults support us with our games and stretch our imagination, language and personal and social skills. This time is also where we work in small groups or 1 to 1 with the teacher to read, do a maths challenge or to do a literacy job.


Snack Time

We stop and tidy, and wash our hands ready for some fruit and milk or juice.  We share some news and have some time to sit calmly together. We wash our hands once we are done and get ready for outside.


Outside Focused Time

Now we get to get outside and explore our amazing outdoor classroom.  We have lots of areas to explore out here like the water area, the mud kitchen, the veranda where there is construction and role play, and our climbing frames. Two days a week we get our the bikes and cars to practice our balance skills! The adults explore these areas with us and encourage us to discover more about the areas and inspire us! 



We split into focus groups to learn new sounds and to practice blending and segmenting simple words and sentences. 



We go to the toilet, get our hands washed and then go to lunch!  


Back to Class

We return from lunch, wash our hands and get registered ready for the afternoon. 

We have our afternoon carpet time now where we will sit together and learn a focused activity from the teacher. In the afternoons we usually do Literacy.


Indoor Choosing 

We get another chance to explore the activities that have been set up in our class room with support from the adults. We also might get called to do our jobs or challenges with the teacher. 


Outdoor Choosing

We take full advantage of the improving weather to get outside again to explore the learning areas outside. We have access to the mud suits and wellies so we can get dressed appropriately for mud play and exploring, and have the choice to role play, or climb, supported by the adults. 


Preparing For Home

Back inside, we wash our hands and have a final carpet time. We use this time to sing counting songs, engage in story telling, celebrate the great work we have done that day or do some 'Funky Fingers'. 


Doors Open

Home time! The busy day is done and we say goodbye, ready for tomorrow! 

World Book Day

We decided to focus our world book day in reception mainly on our book of the week - 'The Dot'.

We had an amazing day in school celebrating world book day! We loved wearing our dotty t-shirts, making dotty patterns and decorating our yellow dots ready for our whole school rainbow! 



Our Topic

 This term our topic is Let's Explore: Jungle Animals

We have been memorising the story 'Walking in the Jungle' and will be working on doing our own story maps for the story soon. Once we have done this we will be thinking of changes we can make to the story to create our own versions. 

Barney Bear

Barney Bear is the much loved 'mascot' of Reception! He has visited so many of you at home and has loved coming to visit your houses, and meeting all your grown ups and even your pets! At the moment, it is difficult for Barney to visit your homes but that doesn't mean he doesn't miss all of you! Catch up on his latest adventures here: