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Grangetown Primary School

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Welcome to Year 5

Our class is made up of 30 happy, enthusiastic and positive children all keen to learn and have fun through our cross-curricular approach. Mrs. Miller will be teaching from Monday to Wednesday and then Mrs. Bracknall will be in from Wednesday afternoon through to Friday. We are looking forward to a fantastic year together. 


Key Messages

  • PE is on a Thursday afternoon every week. This term we will be swimming at Southmoor so children will need swim wear (trunks or swimming costume), a towel, a plastic bag for their wet clothes and they will also need to remove jewellery for their session.

  • Children have the opportunity to take part in a football session with Arj on a Tuesday lunchtime and they will need to bring in kit and footwear suitable for outdoors.

  • Our library session is on a Tuesday afternoon. Children are able to choose a book of their choice to take home and enjoy.

  • Toast is available every Tuesday and Thursday playtime for 10p a slice.

  • Fruity Fantasy is our healthy tuckshop available every Friday playtime. Children are allowed to bring in money for this. 

  • Homework is handed out on a Friday (spellings, reading and times table practise) and is to be returned the following Tuesday.

  • Children will be given the opportunity to read on various days throughout the week so should have their reading book in school daily.  


February - Groovy Greek Day!

To celebrate the end of our topic, The Groovy Greeks, the children in Year 5 had the fantastic opportunity to take part in a Groovy Greek Day! The children came dressed to school in some fabulous outfits - Greek soldiers, Gods and Goddesses and Athenians or Spartans. We started the day sampling some Greek foods such as feta cheese, olives, pita bread and Greek yoghurt with honey. The children then looked at the Ancient Greek Number system and looked at the Greek origin of some of the words that we use today. After that, the children completed their Greek pots using a ‘scratch art’ technique and the finished product was really authentic. In the afternoon the children enjoyed watching Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief - a fantasy-adventure film based on Greek mythology. We all had an excellent day and it was a great way to end our topic.

February - Addams Family

Year 5 had a wonderful afternoon at Southmoor School watching the Y7-13 children perform in this years show - The Addams Family. There were lots of laughs throughout the afternoon. It was nice for the children to see what they can aspire to once they are in secondary school themselves.

January - Groovy Greeks

This half-term the children will be learning all about the ‘Groovy Greeks’. In Literacy, we will be using the Power of Reading strategies based around a book called “The Adventures of Odysseus”.  In this book, we will be learning about Odysseus’s adventures after the Greeks conquered Troy. Our comprehension sessions will also be linked to this. During topic time, we will be looking at what life was like for the Ancient Greeks, in particular - the Greeks Gods, warfare, clothing and food.  In Geography we will be looking at where in the world is Greece and which countries and seas surround it. In art, the children will be using their creative skills to design and make a Greek vase using 'scratch-art' technique. This half-term is sure to be a fun-filled one so keep checking back to see what 'groovy' activities we get up to!

December - Mega Machines Science Workshop

Y5 had an amazing day working with Hayley and Emily from The Centre for Life during our Mega Machines Science workshop. The children spent the whole days exploring forces and investigating how gears, pulleys and levers work. They started off the day with a circus workshop where the children had to identify which forces were present during the different activities. Then the children made various gear chains and investigated how the different sized gears worked. After lunch the children looked at levers and pulleys and then to finish off the day, the children had to put into practice everything that they had learned and construct a ‘Mega-Machine’ which resulted in Hayley being cream-pied.


November- Trampoline Festival

Year 5 had a fabulous morning at the Trampoline Festival which was held at AAA Sports Centre in Southwick. The children had the amazing opportunity to use a wide range of facilities, including the trampolines, vault and floor area. They were divided into three groups and explored the three different areas where they were coached by experienced gymnastic coaches. The children were all worn out by the end of the day!


November- Sports Leadership Workshop

Year 5 were offered the wonderful opportunity to be receive sports leadership training at Silksworth Tennis Centre on Friday 9th November. Physical activity and leadership skills are vital aspects of a young person's development during primary school and this course enabled all pupils to understand what makes a good leader and how to plan and support sporting activities within school. The workshop included sessions on the skills needed to be a successful leader, how to pick teams fairly and it also gave them some practical ideas of how to run sporting activities throughout both key stages. The children all received a Sports Leader t-shirt and they will use these in school in their new role as the year progresses. 










October- Centre for Life Visit

On Thursday 11th October Year 5 visited the Centre for Life for a fabulous trip linked to our space topic, Out of this World. The day was jam-packed and we had the opportunity to visit lots of the centre's attractions including the Brain and Curiosity Zone. We also saw a Science Theatre show all about an evil scientist that needed some help with his experiments. After lunch the children thoroughly enjoyed the 4D Motion Ride and then the Planetarium Workshop. They got to learn all about different planets, stars and constellations. It was a great day that fitted in perfectly with the work we had previously done throughout the half-term. 


September- Hit the Surf

On 25th September, selected Year 4, 5 and 6 children were given the fabulous opportunity of 'hitting the surf' at Seaburn beach. The day started with a very important safety talk where the children learned all about the meaning of the different flags and how to stay away from dangerous currents. After that the practical fun started and the children changed into their wet suits ready for the water. They were then divided into two groups, one group of children learning how to save others using rescue torpedoes (just like the lifeguards) and the second group used body boards to paddle out into the sea where they surfed back towards the shore. The children had a brilliant time and now understand how to keep themselves safe in the water.





September- Out of this World

This half term we will be having fun exploring the topic 'Out of this World'.  In this topic the children will be learning about the Earth, Sun and Moon, famous astronauts who travelled into space and how discoveries changed the way we think about the world.

In Literacy we will be basing our work around the book 'Cosmic' by Frank Cottrell Boyce.  We will be writing an email in character and also a diary extract. The children will also be developing their non-fiction writing through writing information and discussion texts. In Science they will learn about night and day.  They will also look at what the Moon is and why it appears to change shape in the sky.  In Art/DT the children will be looking at marbling techniques in order to create their own planets and they will make origami stars.