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Grangetown Primary School

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Welcome to Miss Stell's Class

Welcome to Y3VS! This year we have 22 fantastic children who are all excited to have moved up into Year 3. We have some fantastic topics planned for the year with some exciting trips and visitors. On this page you will be able to find important notices as well as updates on our learning.


  • PE is on Monday. Please ensure children have their PE kit in school on a Monday and that earrings have been taken out
  • We will visit the school library on a Monday. Children will choose a book to take home which should be returned to be changed the following week
  • Toast can be purchased for 10p on a Tuesday and Thursday
  • Homework will be given on a Friday to be returned by the following Tuesday
  • Violin lessons take place on a Thursday morning
  • Football with Arj is on a Friday lunchtime. Children must have a PE kit and outdoor shoes such as trainers or football boots
  • Snacks and drinks can be purchased on a Friday break time. Children should bring no more than 50p into school each week

Botanic Gardens Durham - 22.3.19

Year 3 had a fantastic visit to the Botanic Garden in Durham in order to look at plants from all over the world. We completed an adventure trail around the gardens and were able to see many habitats created for animals by the plants and trees. We completed the trail and received a special treat...chocolate! After lunch, we looked round the greenhouse, exploring many different plants and the conditions in which they live. We had a fantastic day and learnt lots of amazing facts. 

Parent workshop - 20.3.19

During our parent workshop we made 3D flowers from a variety of resources. Both children and parents were very createive and we were impressed with our final creations. 

Gymnastics Festival - 13.2.19

Year 3 had a fantastic afternoon at the Gymnastics Festival at AAA sports. The children were able to practise jumps and balances as well as having a go on the trampolines.

ASDA - 12.2.19

In literacy the children have been writing letters in order to persuade people to recycle. We took our letters to ASDA in order to display them proudly where people in our local community can see them.

The Tin Forest - Spring 1

This half term the children have enjoyed learning all about metal and magnets. We have been looking at the book 'The Tin Forest' by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson and have completed many activities around this. We have been acting in role as the old man in order to write diary entries. We considered how he might be feeling at different times during the story. We discussed how the illustrations were very detailed and allowed us to give a lot of description when writing about them. The children wrote their own versions of the story and included some fantastic vocabulary. In science we investigated the magnetic field using magnets and iron filings. The children were amazed to see how the filings separated into groups around the magnet. Excellent work by all!

Ice Skating - 26.11.18

Whilst at the Centre for Life we were given the opportunity to go ice skating and what a fantastic time we had. At first it was very difficult to get our balance but we didn't give up and by the end we were able to make it all the way round without holding onto the sides.


Centre for Life -26.11.18

We had a fantastic day at the science centre! We took part in a fantastic light and shadow workshop where we each made a puppet to use in our puppet show. We explored the centre and were even able to go on the 4D ride. What an excellent day!

Spread Kindness Like Confetti! 13.11.18

During anti-bullying week, Y3VS discussed what it means to be kind. We decided that we would spread the kindness by throwing it like confetti. Watch us throw our confetti on our school twitter page.

Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens - 13.11.18

We had a fantastic morning at Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens working with artist Ranbir Kaur in her exhibition 'A Life in Colour'. We created our own piece of artwork using block printing. We had a fantastic morning and enjoyed looking at all of the fantastic artwork in the gallery.

Odd Socks Day - 12.11.18

To start anti-bullying week we all came to school with odd socks on to show that it is okay to be unique. At home time we enjoyed a story about friendship with our odd socks on.

Stones and Bones!

As we approach the end of Autumn 1, we are coming to the end of our Stone Age topic. The children have enjoyed this topic and have learnt many facts about life in the Stone Age and how their way of life was very different to how we live now. In English, we have been reading 'Stone Age Boy' and the children have created their very own stories inspired by this book. We have looked at making sure that our stories have a beginning, problem, resolution and ending. The children have worked hard to include all of the features which we have been learning since starting Year 3 such as conjunctions and adjectives. Miss Stell is very proud of our work and we can't wait for parents and carers to take a look at our upcoming parents consultations. 

Broom House Farm - 17.10.18

We have had a fantastic first visit to Broom House Farm today! Over this year, we will visit the farm three times in order to see the changes on the farm over Autumn, Spring and Summer. Today we were able to hold the chickens and collect some of their eggs. We walked around the farm looking at the animals and talking about how they are looked after on the farm. We were blessed with good weather and were therefore able to have our lunch in a picnic area outside. Later in the day, we explored the fantastic adventure trail and had a lot of fun! Miss Stell was extremely proud of the children's fantastic behaviour throughout the day. We can't wait for our next visit to the farm in the Spring term! (More pictures to follow) 


A walk to Hendon beach - 2.10.18

We have had a fantastic time at the beach this afternoon looking at rocks as part of our science topic. We were amazed to find rocks in so many different colours, shapes and sizes. Here are a few pictures from our afternoon.

Stone Age Workshop - 27.9.18

Today we had a visit from Dr Jo Bath who taught us a lot about life in the Stone Age. We learnt all about how they built their homes, started fires, made their clothes and created fantastic artwork. We used pigments in order to create our own cave paintings. We made butter using cream and even had a go at wicker weaving which was tricky! We had a fun filled day and learnt a lot more about our topic! 

RSPB Workshop - 20.9.18

We were very lucky to be able to take part in a RSPB workshop in our school grounds. We went around our field and wildflower garden looking for plants and animals. We wrote down adjectives to describe what we could see, hear, smell and touch and used this to create some lovely descriptive sentences back in class. We love exploring the nature in our school grounds!