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Welcome to Miss Stabler's Class


Welcome to Year 2S. This year we have 21 lovely children in our class.

Below are some reminders,

  • PE is on a Monday
  • Violin session are on a Wednesday
  • Homework is due in on a Thursday and given back out on a Friday
  • Reading books are to be brought into school everyday


Coast to Coast- Summer 2

This half term our new topic is all about our local coastline. We will learn all about the people and animals that call it their home. We will investigate what life is like by the coast for both humans and animals as well as compare our coastline to that of an Australian coastline.

We started our topic this week by visiting Hendon beach. While we were there we carried out a survey looking at what we could see along the coastline. The children had a fantastic time exploring the different areas and especially enjoyed looking at the different types of rocks and pebbles.


Once Upon a Twisted Tale- Spring 2

This half term Y2 are learning all about traditional tales. We started by discussing that a story does not need to be in a book it can be told from memory. Traditional tales are passed down over the years and can have different versions.

The very next day something awful happened in our staff room. There was a break in and somebody ate all our porridge! The culprit left some clues and the children used these to help the police discover who it was. 



The children used this stimulus to write some amazing stories. We used the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and created our own stories with a twist. The children chose their own characters and settings and wrote about a new break in. We also created wanted poster and descriptions to support our writing. 


Sunderland to Safari- Spring 1

This half term Y2 have been learning all about the continent of Africa. Our main focus has been Kenya and the Savannah that is found there. In order to help us understand what it is like there we have been reading the book 'One day on my blue planet...Into the Savannah' by Ella Bailey. This tell us what a typical day is like through the eyes of a young lion cub. The children had great fun finding out about lions and created some amazing fact cards for their friends.

We then used the book to help us write a free verse poem all about the animals that live on the Savannah. Below Jasmyn's Poem.

In the Savannah...

A patas monkey is climbing in the green tree.

A common eland is leaping over long dry grass.

A lilac breasted roller bird is flying in the bright blue sky.

A striped ground squirrel is crawling up the dry tree.

A cheetah is munching thick green leaves.

Taking inspiration from David Attenborough the children then used a clip to help them write a descriptive piece explaining how a lioness hunts for her prides food. The children did an excellent job at building suspense. The even used some very advanced vocabulary!

During our topic and science lesson the children have been learning about food chains and how animals have adapted to suit their habitats. We have also been comparing different aspects of Kenyan life to that of our own.

To finish our topic off we will hold an African themed day where we create African artwork and produce some African music using the Djembe drums.

Oliver Jeffers- Autumn 2






This half term Year 2 have been learning all about the author and illustrator Oliver Jeffers. Oliver Jeffers has been an author for 13 years and has written lots of amazing books. We really loved reading the story The Way Back Home. We made predictions about what would happen in the story and wrote our own versions using a story map. We added lots of adjectives to make the story sound interesting. Another story we enjoyed was How to Catch a Star. We wrote persuasive letters to the Star asking him to come down and play. We also created art work using colour and shading in the style of Oliver Jeffers.

We also had great fun looking at the Story Lost and Found which is all about a lost Penguin.  We have really enjoyed this topic and have been discovering lots of other stories by Oliver Jeffers that we love.

Time Travellers- Autumn 1


This half term Year 2 have been learning all about what life was like in the past. We have been reading Oliver Twist to help us understand how difficult life could be for a child. We have looked at the jobs children did including a chimney sweep, hawker and a pick pocket. Did you children some children had a job from the age of 5!

We visited Beamish Museum to see what life was like first hand.



To finish our topic we held a Victorian themed day where the children and staff came into school dressed up. Everyone looked amazing and we had lots of fun playing Victorian games, doing crafts and singing songs.