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Our friends in Nepal!


Our link with Traibidya Shikchhya Sadan (Trissa) was established almost 3 years ago.

Trissa runs two schools. The smallest of these is the recently established Traibidya Primary School, in Kathmandu. There is also a larger school - Bakina Bal Batika - in Bharatpur, Chitwan, about 150 kilometres to the west of Kathmandu.

Two of our teachers, Miss Hough and Miss Stabler, visited Bakina Bal Batika at Easter 2012. This was part of a curriculum project which gave our children the opportunity to learn about Nepali culture and customs. For our staff, this was a fantastic professional development opportunity. Find out more here. The Sunderland Echo featured the visit – click here to read the article.

In December 2012, the Headteacher from Tribidya Shikchhya Sadan, Sangeeta Shrestha, visited Grangetown. She spent time in every class across the school, and taught several lessons – she even showed our children how to make 'momo' – delicious Nepali dumplings!

Earlier this year, Mr McAnaney spent a week at Traibidya primary school. He learned a lot about the Nepali education system, observed teaching, and taught several lessons himself. A gallery of photographs from that visit is running at the bottom of this page (coming soon!). The Sundeeland Echo did a piece about the visit - click here to read it.

Mr McAnaney took a signed SAFC shirt to Traibidya, as a gift for the school. However, after seeing how challenging it is for the school to develop its facilities with very limited income, Mr McAnaney decided to bring the shirt back and organise a raffle at Grangetpown – our parents rallied round and raised the remarkable amount of £600! The money raised will help Traibidya to improve the outdoor learning facilities for the children - we will of course keep parents updated on how the money is used. Click here to see the outdoor areas at Traibidya, as of April 2014.

As we look towards a new academic year, we will be maintaining our partnership with Trissa, and plans are in place for a joint curriculum project. As the project unfolds, we will add further links to this webpage.