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Yr 5 Visit The Centre for Life

Centre for Life

Emma (year 5) has written a brilliant account of the visit:

On Thursday 13th October, Year 5 visited the Centre for Life in Newcastle to learn more about space.

Firstly, we lined up to go on the bus (the bus was little and white) to head for Newcastle. The bus journey seemed like it took forever! Finally we arrived and went into the planetarium. I loved how the top was moving. We all saw comets, asteroids, planets, dwarf planets and so many constellations and the different phases of the moon (it was amazing!).

Before lunch, we went to see the Animal Inside Out exhibition. The animals had no skin! You could see the guts, intestines and blood cells. It was so interesting! Personally, my favourite animals were the giraffe and the elephants. There were two giraffes - one was all blood cells and the other had guts and intestines and if you looked closely you could see the brain!

Then after building up an appetite it was time for lunch (I think everyone was hungry). We were sitting eating our lunch in the café which was really posh.

After lunch we went in the animal inside out exhibition again as we didn’t have much time before lunch. This time I spent more time looking at the elephant and the horse. Did you know the average approximate size of a cat brain is 5cm long? Wow, that’s small!

Next, we went on the 4D motion ride (my favourite part of the trip). It was a themed rollercoaster and we watched a short film called ‘Catacombs’. The chairs moved from side to side and everyone was screaming so you can imagine how loud it was. Although it was fake, it felt very real!

The curiosity zone was great and I loved it when I went and played with music blocks. You placed certain blocks in particular places and it made a sound. I also tried out the disk thing but didn’t quite get it.

Then we went to the science theatre show it was really funny. Dylan stomped on an air cushion and fired pretend poop at McKenzie but missed.

We then went to the gift shop and bought lots of different things. My friend got a giant sherbet stick but I bought a bouncy ball a 3D giraffe card and a lolly pop.

Finally (this was sad!) we lined up and went to the bus. We crossed rivers, the city of Newcastle, past trees, roads and back to Grangetown Primary School. It was a great day and I’d love to visit again.