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Year 5 have fun at The Centre for Life!

Centre for Life

Rebecca and Emelia (year 5MB) write:

On the 2nd of October the whole of year 5 went to the Centre for life. We were so excited we couldn’t wait to get there! It took around about half an hour for the journey.

Our first activity was in the Brain Zone. There was lots of scientific things to do here, and we even got to drink water from a toilet (don’t do this at home!).

After the Brain Zone we went into the Dino Jaws exhibition, where there were a lot of robotic dinosaurs - they were very realistic and moved and roared like real dinosaurs! It was very scary! We got to touch some real dinosaur poop!

Then we went to the planetarium where we saw all of the star constellations in our galaxy.

Finally we went on the 4D motion ride. This was very scary but lots of fun at the same time.

We had a great day out and learned loads that really helped us out with our topic ‘Out of this World’.