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Stay Safe, Be Healthy!

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Last week we celebrated our annual Stay Safe and Be Healthy week with lots of fun and engaging activities.

We started the week with the children taking part in lots of activities for Sports Day including the egg and spoon race, the skipping race and the running race. The sun was shining yet again and the children had lots of fun completing both team and individual events. We continued with our tradition and the teacher’s three legged race went ahead was as competitive as ever!

Some of the other activities throughout the week included fitness testing with the Young Leaders from Farringdon Academy. The children had lots of challenges to do within a certain time limit including running and jumping, throwing and catching.

Danielle our dance teacher also came in and taught us some Zumba moves which was lots of fun. Other visitors included football with Arj and the LAF team who worked with children and discussed how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our new Bike It officer Sam (aka Dr Bike) also came back into school but this time without his bike! He led workshops related to how to maintain a healthy heart through exercise and diet.

To finish off the week we had a coach in from AAA sports who provided the children with a fun filled floor work gymnastic session.

The children thoroughly enjoyed all the activities and learnt a great deal about how to stay safe and be healthy. Thank you to all the visitors who came into school and everyone who helped throughout the week to make it a huge success!